The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule: Balancing Discipline and Indulgence in Your Diet CONGRATULATIONS!! Reaching your ideal healthy weight is genuinely a fantastic accomplishment. Along the way, you

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Fresh Homemade Low Fat Chicken Soup

Winter Weight Loss Tips

Most of us would agree that Winter brings unique challenges when attempting to shed excess weight. That, along with the simple fact that most people

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“You’ll notice it first in your face”

Day 11. Weight 261.2. Loss .9 Total loss 13.9. As David said,,,,, “you’ll notice it first in your face”. Very true . I see a HUGE difference and I feel super. Walked 1 mile yesterday. Getting

The Journey Is Done. Thank you, Debbie

Hello Maynestreet People! Today, is my last day with Maynestreet and I wanted to share with you my journey: I began with Maynestreet with the intention to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding and learn to

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