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3 Reasons to Start Losing Weight in November

So many people give up on their weight loss goals during the last two months of the year, figuring they will wait until (yet another) January.

Here are three reasons to start losing weight NOW in November:

  1. Beat the New Year’s Rush: Many people wait until January to start their health resolutions. By beginning in November, you’re giving yourself a head start and avoiding the crowded gyms and fitness centers come January. This early commitment can also help you establish a routine before the New Year begins. Do you really want to make that New Year’s Resolution AGAIN?
  2. Navigate the Holidays with Purpose: The holiday season can be challenging with its feasts and treats. By starting a weight loss program in November, you’ll be more mindful of your food choices during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays. It can help you enjoy festive foods in moderation and make healthier choices overall. Learn how to celebrate without feeling bloated, hungover and crappy.
  3. Boosted Mental Health During Winter: Some people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or general winter blues as the days get shorter and colder. Engaging in a structured weight loss program can provide a sense of purpose and routine, and physical activity can release endorphins, which are natural mood lifters. Plus, feeling proactive about your health can boost positive mental moods during the dark months. How about feeling IN control instead of OUT of control for the next two months?
Start losing weight in November
3 Reasons to Start Losing Weight in November

Embarking on this journey in November can set a positive tone for the upcoming year and help you face the holiday season with confidence and purpose! Let us get you going right now, whether 10 or 100 lbs: no drugs, no chemicals, no shots, and no weird pre-packaged meals. You deserve to be at your best and set an example for others. CALL or TEXT NOW: 860.322.4725


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