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Maynestreet Partner Program

Maynestreet Method for
Med Spas, Health & Wellness

It's our service, but it's your success!

30 day hormone-Balancing for WEIGHT LOSS & health

Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything

It is good to have multiple tools to meet client needs.  
We provide a profitable alternative for your clients who can’t do an injected weight loss program.

Ships directly to you or your client

We now support clients from coast to coast.  Your balancing kit will arrive 3-9 days from the time you order.  
The kit has everything you need, just add food & water.

Low touch & great profit

Once you enroll your client with us, we take care of everything and you just monitor the process and note which services and treatments would benefit the client.  

Sales support & marketing

Getting experience with a program is important and we are here for you every step of the way.  We are happy to help you close or answer questions by phone or Zoom.  We also have a partner marketing program to help you grow.

follow your client on our mobile app

The mobile app gives you the ability to monitor your client on our program.  Allowing you to be a part of the process and cheer on their success.  

Fast results

After 2 “prep” days, weight loss typically begins within 24 hours.  Releasing up to 1 pound per day is common.

Women typically release 14 – 20 pounds
Men typically release up to 22 pounds.

huge Health Benefits

Hormone balancing has been transformational for many of our clients and they report that blood pressure and sugar stabilized, joint pain improved, gastric issues gone, headaches & migraines stopped, better sleep…

This is a great spa and wellness program that is both profitable and drives additional services and treatments.  

The health benefits make this a service that you can sell to everyone!

It’s Our Service, But It’s Your Success!

If you have human biology, this works!

We are selling this Fit3d, full-body scanner that we used in our retail location.  As our referral business grew nationally, we gave up our retail location.  

The scanner was purchased new in 2022 and only scanned 121 local clients.  

For more information on the scanner go to


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