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“I’m feeling great!

“Non-scale victories: work is extremely stressful, and I would make poor food choices using that as an excuse. This was yesterday afternoon: I don’t have

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I don’t have cravings…

“I’m feeling great! Non-scale victories: work is extremely stressful and I would make poor food choices using that as an excuse. This was yesterday afternoon:

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Non scale victory

“Non scale victory: it was cold when I started my walk so, I threw a flannel shirt over my t-shirt. Got too warm later so

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“Thought I would share another non scale victory with everyone. I am currently on day 306, that’s right I’ve been doing this for almost a

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Thank you Debbie.

“Thank you Debbie. Every year on my birthday I always wanted to be healthier and lose weight, etc.  And this year, I am healthier for

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Non Scale Victory

“Non Scale Victory- I had some tests done this week to confirm a potential diagnosis from before I started this program. In a nutshell, I

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“It is a great program. I am 3 months, and just hit 30lbs and my Fitbit just told me I am at 30,000 steps for

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Looking great Pam!!

“Looking great Pam!!  I went to get scanned yesterday. It has been 3 weeks.  That scan is so great it really shows how much my

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Day 6 and I feel great

“Morning!  Per request I am sharing that I am on Day 6 and I feel great and fortunately haven’t had any real struggles staying on

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“NSV (Non-Scale Victory). I went to Smilow today for my cancer checkup and for the past year they have wanted to do a biopsy on

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53 pounds lighter…

Good Morning, everyone! I am 53 pounds lighter. A couple more pounds to go. Took me some time but well worth it! Feeling 100 percent

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I tried several programs

Ken E. August 10, 2022 “I have tried several programs in the past but none have driven the results as quickly or dramatically as the

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Total loss is 69 pounds!

“Good afternoon! I started this journey a year ago today. I can say that it hasn’t been easy but definitely rewarding. I am onto to

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