We wanted to thank all of our clients for their time, commitment and trust in us. 
So many of you struggled before you came to us, just like we did.  You are our inspiration and motivation. 

No Polyp

No Polyp

“NSV (Non-Scale Victory). I went to Smilow today for my cancer checkup and for the past year they have wanted to do a biopsy on a polyp in my mouth and I hadn’t let them. Today I was going to let them and guess what? No polyp I believe the probiotics have helped tremendously for…

Early testimonials – most recent at the bottom

Testimonials July August 2022

“NSV (Non-Scale Victory). I went to Smilow today for my cancer checkup and for the past year they have wanted to do a biopsy on a polyp in my mouth and I hadn’t let them. Today I was going to let them and guess what? No polyp I believe the probiotics have helped tremendously for me.  So people, keep taking the vitamins!  First time in two and a half years that I don’t have to go back for 6 months!”  Dorothy D.

“Morning!  Per request I am sharing that I am on Day 6 and I feel great and fortunately haven’t had any real struggles staying on phase 1. Like you have all said, a little bit of pre-planning makes all the difference. Also, I have gotten no headaches from any of the supplements, which is what I was most worried about when starting the program because I’m super sensitive to things and suffer from migraines. Lastly, I have been feeling a lot calmer- I think it’s the probiotic and the Relora.  Happy weekend to everyone!”–  Aimee l.

“Ok So today was a BIG day for me. I’m on day 168.  And I have officially released 60 lbs. I went from a size 18w bottoms to a size 10/12 and from a 2x top to a M/L. I love the way I feel and look. This is such an awesome program and pretty easy to do in my opinion.” Sue R

“Hi All- I would like to share a non-scale victory-I had my yearly GYN appt.  yesterday and when my doctor realized my weight loss since my last visit (57 lbs), she was ecstatic!!! We literally talked about the program and benefits for the whole appt. She said weight loss was the single best thing I could do to maintain genealogical health. She stated my BMI was perfectly in range and everything was good!! When I left she said I should pat myself on the back for a job well done! Something you don’t hear too often from the doctor’s office. It made me proud!  Things like this give you the will to keep forging ahead! Thanks David and Debbie for bringing this program to us!! “. Katie R—

“Looking great Pam!!  I went to get scanned yesterday. It has been 3 weeks.  That scan is so great it really shows how much my body has changed!  I have lost a total of 14.5 inches. That is more than 1 foot.  It is very imposing looking at the change. We often do not see it and dismiss the great work we are doing.  Thank you David.  I am loving this. My hubby said you look great and you are at goal right??  That felt good but i am not yet at goal–” Eva M. Phase 2 

Ken E. August 10, 2022

“I have tried several programs in the past but none have driven the results as quickly or dramatically as the 20/30 program. More importantly I think the program has provided me with the tools and coaching to sustain the progress I’ve made by giving me the steps and confidence to handle normal ups and downs in my diet and be able to “recover“ when those things happen rather than give up.  It simply works.” Ken E

August 24, 2022

“Had to pause the program for 4-5 days due to medical testing. To that point I was down 11.4. Those days off program, eating all sorts of regular food plus lots of salt, caused upset stomach, bowel issues, achey limbs, lack of sleep etc. I was so glad to be back on program because I’m shedding the 3.6 I gained! Back on track and so so happy as I’m feeling so much better!!!” Pat S 8.23.22—

“Today is day 100 for me. I am down 42 lbs!! I feel great! My arthritis and “bad knee” are so much better, I sleep better, I have energy and have lost a grand total of 36. 5 inches!!!! It seems unbelievable but I am living this dream. I haven’t felt hungry or deprived.  I hit a plateau recently but stayed the course and the scale is moving again. I think my body has to adjust and takes the time to do so, the inches keep coming off. Don’t give up!!! It works if you work it!!! “ Phyllis H 8.23.22–

August 25, 2022

“Hit my 20 lbs this morning, after 17 days!! Amazing! I feel great! Clothes are fitting better, sleeping better and feeling great energy! YAY!”

Sheila B. 8/25/22

August 25, 2022

Debbie Harris <[email protected]>10:59 AM (56 minutes ago)
to David, me, Robin

“Hey everyone…first time for me on here…I am a strict vegetarian on day 6 and am down 10 lbs.  I get my protein from boca burgers, eggs, and tofu.  Feeling great…so easy to follow…the accountability and encouragement is vital for me…vegetarians out there, you can do this plan and remain true to your beliefs…can’t wait to get on scale every morning!  Looking forward to continuing my progress!” Lori J 8.26.22–

“I Came in with my esophagus closing and burns up and down my digestive system and daily aches in body had hard time with balance and walking and I have a physical job.

This program stated me out losing .2 lbs. and holding. I lost 8 and kept holding. Today I dropped 2 lbs. Am ecstatic to think I can do this. And it’s because of friends like Debbie and David I have faith in this program. My problem is I always thought starving was going to get me there and I got heavier and lost interest in food. The method here has jump started my health and peace of mind.”

Melinda M. August 2022

Liz Roberto September 7, 2022

“I like the program because of how it introduces food back in and lets you see how your body reacts to each food. It’s lets you see what works and what doesn’t work for you.

I also believe this program is better than the rest because you’re using real foods. I know not only will I lose the weight, but it’s going to be more maintainable.” Liz R. Sept 2022

Testimonials 9.10.22

“Hey everyone…. thank God I am a member! I am feeling so great to have lost 14.6 inches in 60 days and released 32 pounds! I feel so much better! Thank you to my coaches, Debbie and Donna, and David who scans me! Thank you to all of you with your encouraging stories and words.” Susan Bjornberg 9.10.22

“Four Months and 29 lbs ago I joined this Journey with a Sisterhood and Brotherhood I never thought I’d find!  Support, Saving Money and Sensible eating!!!  At the age of 68 I am so Happy and Healthy!  Charge on Fellow Peeps, Charge on!” Joey Lockwood 9.10.22

“It is a great program. I am 3 months, and just hit 30lbs and my fitbit just told me I am at 30,000 steps for today. Feeling great for sure.”

Cheryl K 9.10.22

September 16, 2022–

“Non Scale Victory- I had some tests done this week to confirm a potential diagnosis from before I started this program. In a nutshell, I no longer have the issue. Doc said the weight loss is the reason, he was very happy and said keep doing what I am doing. In the consult the doc said “Is there anything else I can do for you? “ (with a smile) Basically saying “we are done here….”  I don’t have to go back and see him again.. If that is not great motivation, not sure what is… “ Katie R 9.16.22–

September 17, 2022

“I am on day 9.  I’ve lost 7.3 pounds.  My cravings are 90% gone.  My grocery bill has gone way down.  Cooking is simpler.  I couldn’t be happier…this program is fantastic!” Linda B 9/17/22—

From Aimee L 9/18/22   

“To keep the motivation train going, this past Friday was the first time I have been to any type of doctor since starting this journey on July 4, 2022. This was a follow up specialist appointment and to keep it short, the doctor was thrilled with my weight, my blood pressure, my choices (less coffee and lots of clean eating). She couldn’t stop congratulating me on my success and asking about the program.  I think we sometimes forget day to day the changes we have made and how far we have come, but seeing people we don’t regularly see (family, friends, doctors) and having them as an external reminder of the impact we have made on our health by being on this program is a nice reminder.  

We got this everyone!  And importantly, we have each other on this journey!”  ” Aimee L 9/18/22

7:00 PM (54 minutes ago)
From Karen Fisk 9.20.22    

“Wow!  I’m so inspired to share… I had a Great appointment this morning with my endocrinologist. I’m on day 51, and my A-1 C has gone down from 8.0 to 6.6, my glucose level has reduced by 72 points, he has agreed with me to reduce my Met Forman by 75%, 32 pounds in 50 days! He asked me about our plan, I gave him Debbie’s card, and explained briefly how this works, and he said he was pleased to see my progress and would recommend this program to his patients who are in need.  Thank you to all of you for your support…” Karen F 9.20.22–

Aimee L 9/23/22

“Thank you Debbie. Every year on my birthday I always wanted to be healthier and lose weight, etc.  And this year, I am healthier for my birthday and I’m down 35lbs since starting this journey and down 60lbs since my last birthday!  So despite not reaching this arbitrary number on the scale I was hoping for yesterday, I have a lot to be happy about and I am feeling great!” Aimee L 9/23/22—

Melinda M 9/22/22

“I was having trouble walking and found this program. I also had puffiness on kneecaps and indents in thighs from a fall 10 years ago.  Now that is all gone.  There was inflammation and fat, now all gone. I needed help.”

Melinda 9.22.22

Lane Monson 10.8.22

“My name is Lane Monson, and next Saturday it will be exactly two months since I joined Maynestreet Weight Loss. This has been one of the most positive and successful experiences of my adult life!

I’ve known for some time that my weight and my inches had crept up on me over the past three years. And I realized I had two choices, purchase new pants with a larger waist size, or get serious about my nutrition and fitness. I chose the latter.

My initial goal was to lose 18 lbs in 30 days, then I decided to go for 20. I reached that goal in 27 days, which is still hard to believe. And then I knew that the real goal needed to be 30 lbs., so I kept going. I’m now in phase 2, and I hit my 30 lbs. goal this morning! And guess what. I now know that I want to release another 5 lbs., which I’m confident I’ll achieve within the next 10-15 days.

My pants fit. I’m 2 belt notches smaller. I can button my top button on my shirts. I’ve stopped snoring. No more acid reflux. And I know what to eat and what to avoid eating each day. I’m grateful to my coach, Debbie Harris. And I’m grateful for how inexpensive their program is financially!” Lane M 10.8.22

Jennifer M 10.11.22

“Thought I would share another non scale victory with everyone. I am currently on day 306, that’s right I’ve been doing this for almost a year, and I am down 6 sizes in pants and might even be able to fit into a size large shirt very soon. This has been the best thing I have ever done. Thank you, Debbie and David, and all of you who are doing this because I’ve never felt better, and I owe it all to this community of people who decided to take their health back.”

Jennifer M 10.11.22

Aimee Loinig 10.16.22

“Just a share because I find all of your sharing so inspirational. On Day 100 Clean, I reached my goal!  I shed 44.6lbs and 43.6 inches since July 2022 (and I am down 71.2lbs since September 2021). I feel incredible. I am wearing clothes and sizes that haven’t in 10 years, after thinking I never ever would again. I have lots of energy and a significant decrease in my migraines. Additionally, I have learned, and continue to learn, how the choices I make every day affect my health, my emotions, and my weight.  Thank you to Debbie, David, Coach Lisa AND all of you for being with me on my journey to a new, permanent lifestyle change”. Aimee L, 10.16.22

Susan Bjornberg 10.19.22

“Thank you, Phyllis, for introducing me to this fabulous way of getting healthy!! At day 106 I have released 40 pounds!! I feel so much better! This has helped me in body, mind, and spirit! Thank you to my coaches Donna and Debbie. Keep positive everyone! It works if you work it and YOU ARE WORTH IT!! ” Susan B. 10/19/22

Rachel Welch 10.21.22

“Yes welcome!  You won’t regret taking this journey!  I’ve lost 30 pounds in 54 days, and I feel wonderful – be strong and absolute for the first 30 days!!!!” Rachel W 10.21.22—

10.23.22 from Christine Aresco

“Good morning.  After 2.5 months, I am 3/4   of the way to my goal. This program has helped me so much in learning how are bodies react to the food we take in. Truly a gift that will help for the rest of our lives.  So happy to find Maynestreet Weight Loss” Christine A 10/23/22–

December 5 2022 Sandra Rice

“With my goal Very Close I have to reflect on how GREAT it is to feel in control and actually NOT BE SEARCHING FOR A JANUARY 1 DIET!!!” Sandra R 12/5/22

12.16.22 MaryAnn Atlas

“Good Morning, Day 98. Lost so far 30lbs. Keep going Everyone! This is the only program that has worked for me. I met my coach in a thrift store and she told me about the program! Best decision I have made!” Mary Ann Atlas 12/16/22–

Sue Terribile 12.22.22

 “Today  I’m down 30+ lbs also!  I recently got back from a 10 day cruise ( away for 12 days) and only gained 2.4 lbs.( which is now gone) I also had to buy new bathing suits on the trip because the ones packed from this summer were to large on me.” Sue T. 12/22/22—

Janet Klinck 12.22.22

“One of my goals was to lose 30 lbs by Christmas. Today, Day 90, down 30.2! I am so happy to have changed a long-time pattern of gaining in December. I attended/hosted the usual holiday gatherings but was able to maneuver the many temptations with newly acquired tools! Looking forward to wearing a new dress – two sizes smaller – to a New Year’s wedding! So happy!” Janet K 12/22/22–

January 2, 2023

From Sue Rowland

“In a couple of weeks, it will be a year that I joined this awesome program.  I have released a total of 78 pounds. I love the way I look and feel. I went from a 2/3X shirt to a M/L and from a 18W to a size 8/10 pants. It’s the best program I’ve ever joined and stuck with it for so long.  Debbie and David are both great people along with my amazing coach, Laurie.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”  Sue R

January 13, 2023

From Lori Clymas

“Wow! Lost 45 pounds and so many inches following Maynestreet’s clean eating program in just over 17 weeks. I feel great and look great making my own food which guarantee’s real success and an ongoing lifestyle change to ensure lasting success. Less than 10 pounds to go. Thank you, Debbie and David, for the daily check in support and weekly informational meetings.” Lori C 

Donna Gilson 1/21/23

“Day 88 down 31 lbs. I am on Phase 2.

My personal goal just in my own head was to try and reach 30 lbs in 90 days and now I’ve surpassed that! I have 29 lbs to go to reach my goal of 60 lbs! This has been the easiest and fastest I’ve ever shed this much weight.

I am truly ecstatic! I made it through all the holidays and still lost weight  and ate holiday food, I started this journey on October 25th. I have also added Pilates which I love. I want to say a big thank you to Debbie and David and my coach Aimee, your encouragement and support have made all the difference in the world to me! I feel fantastic and never hungry. For everyone just starting, just take it one day at a time and watch the scale go down down down! Good luck to everyone!!” Donna G 

Susan Bjornberg  January 25, 2023

“Hello everyone!! Day 195 and I just reached 51 pounds released!! I cannot believe it!!! I have gone through surgery….holidays…covid…throw up/diarrhea bug…ups and downs….frustrated at times but ever so grateful!! Thank you to my coach Donna…my sister in law Phyllis…all of you who post…motivational Mondays…and especially God who is beside me all the way!! If I can do this…so can you! Keep focused and resilient! You are worth it  it!!   ” Susan B. 1/29/23—

Jennifer M 2.8.23 with new pictures in Pink top

“I just wanted to share an update for anyone who is feeling a little out of sorts the pants I am wearing in this picture is a miss 14. Not a plus 14. That’s right I no longer have to shop in the plus section. I hope this helps everyone to know this can be done.” Jennifer M

Amy Dyer 2.12.23

“Woke up elated because I officially released 20 lbs on Day 36! Great motivation to continue towards my goal. Looking forward to Phase 2”

Amy D. 2.12.23

Phyllis Bjornberg-Haut

“So I just have to share this.  . .I was at physical therapy today, and the therapist had to adjust the machine saying “I need to change this, you’re so little”

LITTLE  is not something I have ever been called. 

Totally made my day 

Thank you Debbie and David for all your expertise and support through my healthy weight loss journey!!! I am so very grateful!!

Little!!! Can you believe it??,” Phyllis H 3/2/23

Purium Testimonials:

Pamela Pycko

“Down 6 lbs in 5 days. Not hungry.  I can follow this very easy. I had a hard time getting lunch in and now having the shake at lunch time is so much more doable. I’m not as stressed out either.  I always ate high protein thinking that was the only way for me to lose weight.  Never in a million years would I think to go in a more vegan direction.  Best decision ever. Ty Deb for introducing me to this amazing product” Pamela P 3.4.23–

Shirley Mulvihill

“I did a cleanse for the first time in my life. It made a dramatic difference in the way I feel. I have been suffering with extreme digestive problems for the last three years and was on the verge of taking medication to control it. I no longer have any digestive problems & I feel great. Cleanses will be a regular thing for me. Top that off with my weight loss. Thanks Deb for introducing me to this amazing Transformation program” Shirley M 3.7.23–

March 23, 2023 20/30 Testimonial from Cathy Lambrecht 20/30 Program

“My name is Cathy & have recently enrolled in The Maynestreet Weight Loss Program and am thrilled with the results. From my very first phone call to Dave, I knew it was the right fit. He & Debbie are so sincere, compassionate supportive, & knowledgeable. They are there for you every step of the way-every day. I have struggled for years with my weight & have been on every program out there short of surgery & this is the first time the weight is melting off. Real food with delicious recipes – easy prep-healthy choices. Nothing is pre-packaged-it is a “Lifestyle” for which you will feel amazing on. Debbie & Dave are there for you -not about the “money” as all the others are-in fact just the opposite. The Body Scan blew my mind-the most intriguing thing I have ever experienced-a real “Wake Up Call”.  They want you to succeed – they have been there. Everyone I speak to has lost weight & say how lovely they are- wonderful reputation. They are truly changing my life for the better & I cannot thank them enough…Thrilled our paths have crossed. Here’s to a happy, healthy life thanks to them.” Cathy L 3.25.23—

Kim Kaplowitz 20/30 April 5, 2023

“Hi all! Well after a little over 200 days clean, I have hit my 3rd goal. First goal was getting back to my wedding weight, then 5 lbs less than that and last was high school weight. I finally broke through, and I now weigh what I did when I was in high school (a really long time ago!) The journey never really ends and I will continue to push myself to live this new lifestyle!” Kim K 4.5.23—

Karen Frisk April 12, 2023

“You bet!  Not worried… this plan rocks! Just told my cardiologist about it yesterday… She’s very happy with my results.” Karen F. 4/12/23–

Lisa Bibbiani April 27, 2023

“Sharing on this journey has helped me so much. I just returned from a vacation to a place that we went to last year. The difference in my ability to hike the same trails was incredible. I have more energy and stamina thanks to my new lifestyle. If any of you have any doubts just keep to the plan and ask questions, we are all here to support each other.  ” Lisa B 4/27/23–

May 1, 2023

“I can’t say enough about this program. I have lost 45 lbs. Never felt better! I never thought I would say, my clothes are too big for me. Went for my physical and my doctor was overjoyed on my weight loss and my bloodwork!” Maryann A. 5/1/23—

June 5, 2023 from Cindy Hyland

“Went “off program” in a big way this weekend. I felt so sick and fuzzy-headed this morning. I was thinking, “This feels familiar. What’s going on?” I realized that the crummy sick feeling was how I used to feel ALL THE TIME! Yikes. I am confidently resetting today while happily knowing that Living on Maynestreet is not just a weight loss program; it is a lifestyle, a full person health education. I’ve been on maintenance for a while but today I feel like I have just been handed my Maynestreet Diploma.  Thanks to Debbie, David & Donna AGAIN.“ Cindy Hyland 6.5.23—

June 22, 2023 DonnaMarie McKenna

I have tried many weight loss programs throughout the years with some success. The foods were processed and loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives. However, once you reach your goal weight and reintroduce normal foods the weight quickly returns. These programs are NOT designed to be a continuous way of life.

Additionally, being a woman has its challenges to not only lose the extra weight but maintain it due to hormonal factors. This is all factored into the Maynestreet weight loss program.

Recently, I met my dear friend, a member of the Maynestreet family, who looks fantastic. She has lost a significant amount of weight and more importantly, has successfully maintained her weight for over a year on the Maynestreet program. I decided to make the commitment and join the Maynestreet weight loss program. I met with David Mayne for the initial introduction to Maynestreet. He was extremely informative during the intake informational process thoroughly explaining the product line and how it works. David had poster boards of himself and his lovely wife Debbie featuring their before and after photos. I began the program with Debbie being my Mentor. The Maynestreet weight loss program is an extended family. Both Debbie and David conduct group zoom calls with the members. During the Zoom calls the members share their successes and help with what is working for them. Debbie and David also have guest speakers on occasion to address many issues pertaining to weight loss i.e., wardrobe consultants.

When I use the term program it is loosely defined. Maynestreet is a lifestyle which is the primary reason that it is so successful. You are eating healthy and making good food choices under the guidance of Debbie, David, and your Mentor. Every member has an assigned Mentor in Stage 2 of the Program. Each day the member texts their weight to their Mentor who monitors their weight loss. Once a week the Mentor phones their members to discuss the week’s successes as well as makes the proper food add-on suggestions once the member reaches each benchmark. The Mentor plays a major role in keeping members on a good path for their weight loss success and often shares their own experiences to the mix.

Maynestreet is a unique weight loss program that offers one on one mentoring. Throughout each member’s journey Debbie and David are actively invested in every member as well as offering guidance to the individual counselors. Debbie and David provide and incredible amount of encouragement and offer inspirational accounts of their own personal journey. Debbie and David take pride in their mentorship and go the extra mile to ensure every member has access to the essential products. They even will drop off food, vitamins etc. to local members along the CT shoreline.

I highly recommend joining the Maynestreet weight loss family. This is a “Healthy Lifestyle” that is easily maintainable. You are never alone in your weight loss journey because each member has the support of the entire Maynestreet family which is led by Debbie and David Harris and your personal Mentor! What an amazing team!

Isn’t it time that you invest in yourself to get on the right track to stay healthy! Make your health the priority. Come join the highly successful, supportive, and friendly Maynestreet family!

August 9, 2023

“Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I’m extremely pleased and excited about phase 1 of the program. To date, I’ve lost 30 lbs. This includes being sick in bed, literally, with Covid and a severe sinus infection for 10 days. I mentioned to Debbie, due to my weight loss, having a severely bad back, surgery suggested, that I am no longer having to take narcotics in order to alleviate my pain. The weight loss has taken the pressure off of my back.  So just wanted to put that out there and perhaps give someone some hope if you suffer from back issues.  Have a great day everyone!!” Debby E. –

August 10, 2023

“Hello everyone, I am so pleased with the Maynestreet program and have been losing weight consistently. I have been on too many programs to mention but by far this one has been the best program for me. Most importantly I physically and mentally feel healthier and more confident about myself. Maynestreet Weight Loss is my new happier lifestyle! Thank you, Debbie, David, & Cindy!” Laurie M. 8/9/23–

August 29, 2023

From Cindy Hyland

“Happy to be in balance these days. The harmony with my physical self flows into everything else. Thanks for this program. If I had never seen your sign in Centerbrook, I would be still mired in the food struggles. You and David are literal lifesavers.  ” Cindy H 8/28/23

From Cindy Hyland

“Non scale victory: it was cold when I started my walk so, I threw a flannel shirt over my t-shirt. Got too warm later so I tied the flannel around my waist. I have NEVER done that before. Always thought I was too big to tie those sleeves around myself.” Cindy H 8/29/23

From Cindy Hyland 9/1/23

“I love that this is a weight loss program but not a DIET. We get to explore the edges and eat according to who we are, not as defined by some cookie cutter plan.” Cindy Hyland 9/1/23