Are you over 40 with excess weight to release?
Are you fed up with the diet-go-round?
Are you confused about what foods you should and shouldn’t eat?
Have you ever lost weight and then gained it back – maybe even more?

That was me!! Over 50 years of thin/not thin, thin/not thin. Trying whatever “new” diet was out there.
Are you ready to stop the diet madness?
Are you ready to experience your ideal weight and live there easily and effortlessly?

Debbie Harris

  • Co-Founder of Maynestreet Weight Loss LLC.
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Master’s Degree – Summa Cum Laude, Regis University
  • Bachelor’s Degree with honors, University of Connecticut

All kinds of weight-loss programs work but it doesn’t stick. Old habits come back because there is nothing to replace them. We are caught up in a deprivation culture. Bad and Good food.  Often judging our worth by our weight.

Enough of all that. Come join our successful clients who release their weight and keep it off.  Accountability and support are key.  No shots, no drugs, no hormones and no chemicals.

What would it feel like to FINALLY get your excess weight off and keep it off?

Our goal is to enable your body to safely and naturally release excess weight and we only want you to do this once and live there for the rest of your life.

David Mayne

David Mayne is the operational or business side of Maynestreet Weight Loss.  He has a background in corporate computing, sales & marketing and program development.  

“Like many of our clients, we tried most of the programs and diets out there.  But it wasn’t until we came across a program that was based on hormone balancing that put us on the right track to develop the program that we have today.  Much in life, health, wellness and weight loss is based on learning from the experience of others and that is the gift we bring to you.  We found and developed an answer for most people. It’s not a diet, Maynestreet is an evolution of personal understand and for most people it only takes a few months to complete.  But the results can last a lifetime.” – David Mayne

We were looking for a solution to our own problem… We found it, so we had to share.

Recycled Shipping Materials

Many of us are receiving more and more deliveries to our homes. Many of these packages are new with very light use. At Maynestreet we believe that reusing boxes and shipping materials is not only cost-effective for us, but it is our duty to extend the life of boxes and materials that would otherwise find their way to the recycling bin.

*Please note all Maynestreet Balancing Kits are shipped in new shipping boxes.