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Debunking Myths: Powder vs. Liquid Collagen

I need clarification because there is so much marketing and advertising about collagen. I use ours and have seen the benefit of it. I wanted to have more of an understanding without all the hype, so we went to our vitamin company and their technical support department.

I specifically asked about liquid versus powder since I have used both. The powder is more effective, easier to use (I put it in my coffee), has no refrigeration needed, is more manageable to travel with, and is much less expensive. Have YOU been wondering about the difference between powder and liquid collagen? Here’s some information I received back that I wanted to share with all of you.

There’s a lot of buzz out there, especially about liquid collagen being the “only effective option.” Let’s clear the air with some facts.

Firstly, it’s essential to know that powder collagen is more than just practical; research backs it up. Over a thousand studies highlight the benefits of Bovine Collagen Peptides (BCP) in powdered form. The studies aren’t just scientific jargon; it’s reflected in the growing popularity of powder collagen supplements, including our products, which have seen an 8x increase in sales over four years!

Now, let’s talk about liquid collagen. Liquid collagen is often touted for its convenience. Still, it tends to be more expensive per gram of collagen than its powdered counterpart. Also, liquid collagen can come in various forms like sports drinks, teas, or even coffees, often mixed with other ingredients. The multiple forms make it essential to check the labels: Is collagen the main ingredient, or just a minor addition?

Here’s the takeaway: While liquid collagen is about ease of use, powder collagen offers a higher concentration of the good stuff – collagen. And remember, if you’re opting for liquid, ensure the collagen has been hydrolyzed for better absorption.

I did not find the liquid more effortless to use. I kept forgetting to take it. My powder collagen container sits beside my coffee machine, so it’s pretty easy. I love ours because it absorbs right away and doesn’t alter the taste of my coffee – I add my choice of flavored Stevia and I am good to go.

In conclusion, both forms have their merits, but be aware of the hype. Powder collagen is a research-backed, effective, and concentrated option for your collagen needs.

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