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Self Care in Your Busy World

So, your calendar is screwing around with your life again. Right? I mean, how could that happen? How could you possibly have so many appointments? So many meetings, so many Zooms? 

I’m Debbie Harris. I am the founder of Maynestreet VIP, and I help women 45 and over who have three or more sizes in their closet. But now let’s get back to that calendar that has completely screwed around with us. Well, here’s a little secret. You are in control of that calendar. In fact, I just published an article, just about an hour ago, about this very topic. About, well, it’s about self care in this crazy busy world that we’re in, and I don’t care if it’s because you have young kids at home, grown kids at home, or you’re taking care of parents. Maybe you have a relationship, you have work, and then of course, you have pets because we all have pets these days. 

How do you manage to really take care of yourself? That’s what my article is about, and I’ll be doing more videos about that topic because it’s so important that you understand that you need time for you, whatever that looks like. Does it look like a manicure? Does it look like a pedicure? Does it look like a massage? Is it breakfast or lunch with a friend? Is it a 10 minute walk outside? Whatever it is we tend to, even if we put those things on the calendar, scratch them off when something else happens. 

So here’s my tip for today. Barring any family or four legged emergency, do not remove those from your calendar and do be sure and put them on.


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