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Water and Weight Loss

Water and Weight Loss You know, today we’re gonna talk about this. (bottle of water) We’re going to talk about water. Last week we talked about the holidays are coming. We know it’s challenging with food, with alcohol. Don’t forget to go to Maynestreet Weight Loss YouTube. Look at those videos, especially the one on drinking this time of year. Today we’re gonna talk about water. I’m Debbie Harris, I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the gorgeous Connecticut shoreline. Why am I talking about water today? Well, one of the things we tell our clients, if you remember, our clients on Maynestreet Weight Loss are losing up to 20 lbs. in 30 days and one of the ways they’re doing it, is because they are drinking half their body weight in water. (that’s ounces, of course) They’re eating real food. They have real support and real lasting results. No meal replacements, nothing funky. Water and Weight Loss

However, this is a very important part, half your body weight in water. And some of our clients do have a challenge with that at the beginning. I did, I had a challenge with that at the very beginning. So here’s some tips for getting that water in. Some people are guzzlers like me, I’ll pick this thing up. I’ll drink half of it 2,3,4 5 times a day and that’s it. I’m done. Other people can’t do that. It’s not comfortable for them. They don’t like it. They need to drink it in small amounts. So what do you do? Pick this thing up. (your cell phone) I know you have it. Set an alarm to go off either every half hour or every hour to remind you to drink your water. Also maybe get a bottle with the markers on it so you can reward yourself as you do it. (a straw helps some people) Now remember, I said half your body weight in water, which is what our clients are doing.

So of course, as they’re releasing weight, they’re able to cut back a little bit on that water and I remember that was very exciting for me. But in all seriousness, over the next couple of months, if you can just remember to continue to do this, (holding up water) it’s going to help you tremendously as you’re facing those holiday parties and friends’ gatherings and all the things we do this time of year. Remember to get your water. Now, if you want to know more about Maynestreet Weight Loss and come to one of our informational seminars, just leave me a note below.Thanks.


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