Congratulations on a Great Decision

Congratulations, congratulations again. You have made a great life changing decision. Now, you’ve decided to become a part of Maynestreet Weight Loss. Take off that excess weight with Real food, Real support and Real lasting results. Here’s some things you need to know right from the beginning. You’re going to download the Fully Alive app. Our code is 6943 and we will set you up so that you can get the app going. Unpack your kit, take your scale, put it in your bathroom. Find a spot in your bathroom where it’s fairly level and you can just leave it there. You don’t want to be moving that thing around. You don’t want to be knocking into it.

Okay, now you’re gonna sync the app with the scale and that’s what you’re gonna do every morning when you get on that scale, first thing, you’re gonna weigh in and it’s gonna be synched. Now, remember you have a food list, that is all that you are going to have in the first phase. You can ask me any question, any question you want, except can I have this? if it’s not on the list. You’re gonna have one cup of coffee or one cup of caffeinated beverage, you’re gonna have one can of Zevia soda, get the ones without the caffeine and you’re gonna do your two loading days. Go ahead, have that lasagna, have that pizza, have that Chinese food, have whatever you want. And by all means if you drink, have your drinks during the two loading days. Now, after your two loading days, you’re gonna have day one, the next day, you will text me in the morning, and there’s gonna be a ton of information in the email with this video to further explain everything.

You are on a fantastic journey. I am there to support you. David is there to support you. Don’t forget the WhatsApp group. We are all here as a community supporting each other.


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