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Keep the Weight Off Real Lasting Results

Keep the Weight Off Real Lasting Results. Each week, you hear me say that we are Real food, Real support, and Real lasting results at Maynestreet Weight Loss. I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline. 

Well, let’s take a look at that last part for today. What do I mean, Real LastingResults? Well, common sense would probably think, well, people keep their weight off. Well, yes, people do keep their weight off, but it’s a lot more than that. 

They stay healthy. They stay feeling better than they have in years. Well, what’s the secret? What’s the magic? How do we do that? Because I think you know that most people who go on a diet will gain the weight back. In fact, many times they gain back more than 100%. So they’re starting out at the end worse than when they started out at the beginning. 

Well, here’s what’s different about what we do. First of all, that first part, it’s real food from day one, no meal replacements, no shakes all day long, real food. The second part, real support. You’re getting real support every single day, not just for me, but from a whole group of people that are always there to support you. But probably the most important thing is we really are teaching you to understand how your body relates to food. And we’re also working with what’s up here, your food triggers, your habits, your emotional eating, your stress eating. 

So come to a Monday seminar, learn about the program. You’ll find out why it’s Real food. Real support and Real lasting results.


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