Tips to Lose Weight by Summer

Tips to Lose Weight by Summer

Tips to Lose Weight by Summer. You know what? We’re less than a month till Summer. I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss and Living on Maynestreet . And yeah, it is right around the corner and wherever you are, if the weather has started getting warmer, well, you know what that means? 

That means going out to the beach, going out to a lake, going out hiking, maybe putting on a bathing suit, sleeveless dress or nice pair of shorts. Doesn’t matter. Male or female Summer is coming. So, what I wanna do today is, I just wanna give you a few tips that can actually help you take some excess weight off if that’s your intention before we hit Summer. So here’s just a few things. 

Ok. Write them down so you don’t forget or play this video over again. First of all, we’re gonna cut out. Now, remember what I said, less than a month. We’re gonna cut out oils and fats. Get yourself a good non-stick pan, get yourself. it doesn’t have to be expensivedigital food scale. Ok. So here’s what we’re gonna do. 

We’re gonna do lean meats. If you want to do organic, that’s great but you don’t have to. Keep your proteins to 5 to 6 ounces. All right. No oils, no fats. Remember that. Cut out dairy. Now, remember I’m asking you to do this for less than 30 days. Cut out dairy. I know you can’t have your coffee without dairy in it. But you can, you can use a liquid Stevia, flavored liquid Stevia try it, just try it do that. We’re obviously going to cut out the sugars, cut out the cookies, cut out the cake. 

Focus on your water. I’ve said this before. Half your body weighed in ounces in water each day up to about 100 ounces. If you can do those few things. We’re gonna have lean meats, we’re gonna cut out dairy, we’re gonna cut out our fats and our oils. Try it. Less than 30 days. See what happens. See how you feel, how you start to look when you look in the mirror and remember we’re here if you need extra help, but you might not, you might be able to do this on your own.


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