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Halloween Candy in August

So, Happy Halloween on this August 24th. Are you ready for it? Are you ready for Halloween? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Are you ready for Hanukkah or Christmas or whatever you might be celebrating? Why am I bringing this up? 

I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss here on the Connecticut shoreline and I was in the grocery store just a couple days ago and the minute I walked in, I was confronted by Candy Corns, bags and bags of candy corns. 

Now, it is August and Halloween is at the end of October, but you know how it is with consumerism and with putting things out just in case. Why would anybody buy Halloween candy in August and expect to last till the end of October? 

Well, obviously it wouldn’t but then you’d have to go back and get more right? So here’s the thing, and here’s the reason I’m bringing this up. The holidays are going to be here like that. And all of a sudden it will be Halloween and it will be Thanksgiving and all those Christmas, Hanukkah Winter holidays and what do they all revolve around besides family and friends?

Food, lots and lots of food. So I’m gonna let you know that if you come to one of our free webinars on a Monday via Zoom, you will learn about the Maynestreet Weight Loss program And if you’re ready, you will take up to 20lbs. off before those holidays start. 

So how about getting a jump on, what we all know happens in January? Oh no, I’ve got to go on a diet, thanks.


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