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How Many Diets Have You Done?

So I ask you, how many attempts at losing weight have you tried? How many diets have you tried? Lots of them? Right? Let’s just even think of the last 5 or 10 years. What have you done? Have you done counting points? Have You done keto? Have you done HCG? Have you done some prepackaged meals? Remember the cabbage soup diet? What about fasting or intermittent fasting?

I remember and you’ve heard me talk about that Beverly Hills diet years ago. You didn’t eat anything but fruit, fruit for 10 days. I had half a watermelon for lunch. Just sitting there with half a watermelon. How did those diets work for you? Now, we know that if you stick to something it will in fact work and you will lose weight. But then what happens?

What about all these crazy things? Are you going to go to a restaurant for dinner with your friends and ask for half a watermelon? Obviously not. And what about fasting? Now, I’m not saying that fasting isn’t a good thing if you want to do it. But as a way of life just to keep weight off, it’s often not sustainable. You have to do it with something else. How are you eating? How are you exercising? How are you moving? How are you sleeping? These are all things that we address with Maynestreet Weight Loss and we want you to come and learn in a Monday seminar. 

We do them on Mondays. Not every Monday, so check our website from 6 to 7 via Zoom. There’s never any obligation. This is to learn. Learn the science behind why this program worked for me, for my husband and is now working for so many people, many of them you may even know.


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