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Fall Discount to Lose Weight with Maynestreet Weight Loss

Last week I talked about going to the grocery store and seeing Halloween candy all over the place. Candy corns to be exact and, well the other day I was in Costco and if you’ve been to Costco lately, the Christmas trees are out and all the Christmas decorations and there again, today is still August and we have the holidays fast approaching at least up here and what everybody wants us to think and wants us to start buying. 

I’m Debbie Harris, I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss here on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline, and why am I talking about Christmas trees and Halloween candy? Well, it’s going to be here before you know it and we want you to get a head start. 

So for our program, for anyone who signs up in the month of September, we are giving you a $50 discount. Now. If you’re already a client of ours, it’s a great time to pass this on to friends and family and neighbors and co-workers because I know they’ve been asking you, what have you been doing? And for everybody else out there that isn’t yet a client, you want to come to our free webinar, learn about the program and really get a head start on that same old New Year’s resolution of getting healthier, exercising more and the big one, time to lose weight. 

Thanks. There’ll be information with this video.


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