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Losing Weight as a Couple

Here at Maynestreet Weight Loss, we’re helping a ton of people in Connecticut get healthy, lose weight. Actually not just Connecticut, we have some up the Massachusetts too. I’m Debbie Harris and I’ve been talking to you a lot about this program, which is different than any other program you’ve ever experienced as far as losing weight and getting healthy.

Why? Because we’re balancing hormones and we’re eating real grocery store food. But today, what I really wanted to focus on is I mentioned last week that on February 15th we are doing a Special Couples Informational Seminar via Zoom from 6 to 7. You know that day after Valentine’s Day and we spent a little time last time talking about all that yummy chocolate that we might be eating on Monday. 

So this is Tuesday and why would you want to do this as a couple? Well, my husband and I did it as a couple and for one thing we’re eating together and shopping together. So that makes it a lot easier. It’s also a lot more fun if you’re doing it with the person in the house and in some cases, people have their kids eating the same food, remember it’s all grocery store food. So everybody is getting healthier. 

So again, if you’re a couple that’s thinking about doing something to get healthy this year, maybe that was one of your resolutions. We’d love to have you join us on February 15 and there will be information with this video and remember it’s all about getting healthy together. It’s about doing something that’s going to make you both feel great. Now you don’t have to do it as a couple. 

The night before Valentine’s Day, we’re doing another individual seminar and we’re doing one on February 21, our usual Monday night from 6-7. But for couples it can really be great to do it together. You support each other. And frankly, to be perfectly honest, my husband did it because I was struggling so much with weight after menopause. 

And what was the end result? He lost 55 lbs. and is no longer on any blood pressure medication after 30 years. So there’s a benefit he didn’t even think he was going to get. Again, I’m Debbie Harris. 

There’s lots of information on our website at Maynestreet Street Weight Loss. I look forward to seeing you in one of our free informational seminars.


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