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Fear of Success – It Can Stop You

Hi, I’m Debbie Harris and the last time we talked, we talked about dieting and fear of failure. Today, we’re going to flip that a little bit and we’re going to talk about dieting and fear of success.

Now, you know, we own Maynestreet Weight Loss here on the gorgeous Connecticut shoreline and we are helping people get healthy and get to their ideal weight with Real food, Real support and Real lasting results. Now What about this fear of success? 

Well, for many people, myself included, for a very long time, food is a comfort food is something we go to. If we’re stressed, if we’re emotional, if we’re nervous or frankly if we’re bored. Well that changes a lot when you start eating clean, when you start paying attention. When you start listening to your body and creating a different lifestyle.

Now if you’re successful, hmm, food isn’t going to be there as that crunch. Another thing, people around us may start to change, Oh, you know, will my partner think that I’m getting sexy for someone else? Will my friends feel a little distant from me as I take all this weight off and I’m not the one always ready to eat and drink and party and stuff our faces? These are things that occur and they are things that up here, we will work on. 

All those habits. All those thoughts. All those things that we want to replace with something healthier, something more positive. So remember fear of success, fear of failure, it’s all up here. It’s not about the food, but we’re going to help you with Real food, Real Support and Real lasting results. 

So what do you need to do? You need to come to a Monday Zoom session and learn about the program? There will be information with this video.


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