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Fear of Diet Failure – It’s Real

Today, I want to talk a little bit about fear and in this particular case, I want to talk about fear of diet failure. Something that came up when we had our Monday morning information, our Monday evening informational session for Maynestreet Weight Loss of which I am a co-owner here on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline.

 Fear came up from a few people that were about to start the program and from a woman who has been on the program for a while now. This fear of failure. What am I talking about? In this particular case, I’m talking about, Oh no, not another program. I’m going to try and lose weight. I’m gonna stick to it. I really, really am. I’m probably gonna lose a little bit and then something’s gonna happen. It’s just not gonna work.

 You can take it from me, Debbie Harris, I’ve been there a million times. You try something, you spend money on it, you put your whole energy into it and it doesn’t work or it works for a short amount of time.

This fear of failure and the idea of starting another program is very real. And I want all of you out there that are resonating with this, to consider just coming on a Monday night to our informational seminar and listening to some of the people that are already successful on the program.

Remember we’re talking about real food, real support and real lasting results. Let’s get rid of that fear. We’re also going to address that mindset and the reason we feel that fear and we’re going to change that negativity into positivity. 

So I hope to see you there and I hope you understand that this time it will work because we won’t let you fail. Thanks.


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