Food Triggers.


Today, we’re gonna talk about a new topic we haven’t touched on yet in relation to food and in relation to taking that excess weight off and getting healthier. 

I’m Debbie Harris, I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline. 

We’ve talked about a lot of things over the last few weeks and today I want to focus on something else. We’re going to focus on triggers. Now, what are triggers when it comes to food and when we’re trying to get healthy and we’re trying to reduce weight?

 Well, let me tell you a trigger of mine, it’s nuts. I am not going to eat one ounce of cashews or one ounce of almonds. There’s just, there’s simply no chance, and the reason I bring that up is because I know that. So I am going to probably, and for the last couple of years stay away from them all together because they just don’t work for me. There’s no stopping point once I get started. 

Now you may have some other triggers, it might be chocolate, it might be chips. It could be any number of things, cookies. You want to pay attention, pay attention when you’re eating that particular food or think back over your experience with different foods. 

What is something that you really, once you get started, it’s just like this? It could be popcorn. You know, it’s just that motion. You just keep stuffing your face with it even though the whole time, you’re saying, I’ve had enough. I, I shouldn’t eat anymore. I actually had this happen with pecans about a week ago and I don’t know how many I ate. So we address these issues at Maynestreet Weight Loss. 

We address the triggers. We address what’s going on up here to make sure that you understand and you stay healthy and you stay at your ideal weight forever. If you want to learn more, we want you to come to a Monday seminar. There will be information with this video so that we can get you set up and you can find out why this works, why it’s Real food, Real support and Real lasting results.


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