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Dieting Sucks

Dieting sucks! If you’ve ever done it, you know exactly what I’m talking about and I’m not gonna lie to you, even with our Maynestreet Weight Loss program, the 1st phase or the 1st 30/35 days is technically a diet. We’ve got to get you in balance. We’ve got to change the body chemistry and hormones a little bit. So it is kind of a diet. The thing is what happens after that. 

I’m Debbie Harris, I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss here on the Connecticut shoreline. And like I said, if you’ve dieted, you know what that’s like, what’s the big fear? What’s going to happen when I go off this diet? Am I gonna gain all my weight back? First of all, am I gonna starve to death while I’m doing it? What am I gonna have to eat? What am I going to have to do? Do I have to exercise seven (7) times a week? We don’t talk about any of that at Maynestreet Street Weight Loss and we do webinars on Mondays so that you can learn about our program but I want to get you a head start.

I put together 5 Tips on Taking Weight Off and Keeping It Off because let’s face it, that second part, that’s the key, right? The dieting part that’s always temporary, right? Then what happens? 

So, what I want you to do is, I want you to go to Maynestreet Weight Loss, Maynestreet Weight There’s a ton of videos on there too, of information I put on that will help you. But I also want you to download that article 5 Tips toTaking Weight Off and Keeping It Off and then if you want more information, I’d love to chat with you for a few minutes and get you to one of our webinars because the truth is, dieting does suck and you want to get beyond that. And you want to find a solution that will keep the weight off and, more importantly, get you healthier than you’ve been in years. 

I look forward to seeing you.


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