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Best Alcohol on my Weight Loss Program

So you know that expression: It’s five o’clock somewhere? Well, it is five o’clock somewhere all the time. And what does that question make us think or that statement make us think of? Having a cocktail, right? Perhaps a glass of wine, perhaps a martini, perhaps a beer. Best Alcohol on my Weight Loss Program?

I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline, and I get asked this question by a lot of our clients. I love the program. I’m losing weight. I’m losing inches.

 I have this question though. Deb, I’m going to an affair. I’m going to a wedding. I’m going to an affair or I’m going on vacation. I really don’t want to mess up and drink, but if I simply can’t resist, what do you recommend? I mean if I’m gonna have something, what do you recommend? So here’s a couple of things. 

First of all, stay away from all the sweet stuff. We’re not having Strawberry Daiquiris and we’re not having Pina Coladas, forget it. If you want to try beer, stick with a light beer, definitely a light beer and I don’t mean just light in color. Hey, I love Guinness. Don’t do Guinness right now. 

If you’re having wine and I prefer, you don’t because of the sugar, stick with a white wine, maybe a Sauvignon Blanc or something like that. But again, what I would prefer you do is a vodka soda, have a vodka soda, ask them for some fresh lime, fresh lemon. Tequila on the rocks. Ask for some fresh orange slices, squeeze them in yourself. 

So remember, alcohol comes back just like everything else on this incredible program, and you really want to wait until you get to that goal. But if the situation arises, what do we always say? Make the best choice possible so there’s some tips and enjoy your Happy Hour.


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