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Hypnosis Comes To Maynestreet

Well, I have some exciting news today. Hypnosis is coming to Maynestreet Weight Loss. I know, many of you have been asking me for it for months since we actually put our shingle out for Maynestreet Weight Loss and we’ve been helping so many people get thinner, get healthier, get off medication and now we’re also going to be offering hypnosis.

I am Debbie Harris. I am a licensed and certified hypnotist in the state of Connecticut and we are going to be adding that to help you, not only with your weight loss but with anything else that might be troubling you. Hypnosis can work for so many things. One thing for sure is relaxation and I had a woman ask me just a couple of hours ago, what if I don’t have a specific issue? What if I just want to try it? I’ve always wanted to try it. Is that okay?

That is okay and I’m gonna tell you why because I’m gonna have you do something right now. I want you to close your eyes, Go ahead, close your eyes. I want you to take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. And another one, a deep breath in and a deep breath out and I want you to just calmly and quietly imagine you are in your happy place, your perfect place. And just be there for 10 or 15 seconds. Now I want you to open your eyes.

I want you to feel energized and relaxed and we’re going to do more of that. So stay tuned for more videos and my information will be here. The same information as Maynestreet Weight Loss . You will be able to sign up for hypnosis, and by the way, those sessions will be done by Zoom. I look forward to doing some hypnosis with you.


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