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Americans Are Overweight

Would it surprise you if I told you that according to the National Institute of Health, over 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese? That’s quite a percentage. And probably if you’ve been out anywhere lately and you look around, it’s pretty evident. I’m Debbie Harris, I’m the co-founder of Maynestreet Weight Loss . 

We’re a virtual national weight loss company. And one of the things I want to mention today is that we really do understand that you just can’t take all food away from people. That probably the best way to get somebody thinking they want something is to tell them they can never have it. So, if you’re struggling or somebody you know is struggling with excess weight, it really is important that they learn to understand why, and that they take that weight off easily and effortlessly. 

Most important is that they keep it off and have a new lifestyle. But unlike most diets out there that aren’t in the least bit sustainable, we’re gonna show you how to do that, and we’re gonna do it with Real Food, Real Support, and Real Lasting Results. Now go ahead and try some of the tips I’ve given you before in other videos. 

You know, giving up certain things for a certain amount of days, that’s fine, maybe walking a little bit more. But if you get stuck and you really want to do something about this once and for all, reach out. There’ll be information with this video and we would love to help you. Text or Call 860.322.4725


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