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Exercise & Weight Loss – Surprise Tips

Exercise & Weight Loss – Surprise Tips. Are you tired of people telling you that you really should get out there and exercise? You know, if you really want to take the weight off and you really want to feel better, well you just have to start exercising more. Why aren’t you doing it? Are you lazy? I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the Co-Founder of Maynestreet Weight Loss and I want to talk today a little bit about exercise or we call it movement at Maynestreet Street and just a few tips for those of you that are struggling to take weight off and are hearing this a lot from people. 

First of all, if you’re someone who’s exercising all the time and you answer that with, I’m already exercising, stop bugging me. It may be, you’re exercising too much or it may be, you’re doing the wrong type of exercise right now for your body to release that excess weight. So that’s one thing. So what you want to consider is maybe doing more walking, try that, try walking more. It’s a great fat burner and it’s not going to raise your cortisol to that level where you’re gonna store fat. 

So that’s for all of you that are, you know, jumping on the bike or jumping on the treadmill or running outside 5 or 6 days a week and wondering what’s going on. Now, the rest of you who are sitting there going? Oh, my God. It’s the last thing I wanna do. It’s the last thing I want to make time for after a busy day. Try taking it slow, small baby steps, try walking. Well, let me get rid of that word TRY. Go out and walk 5 to 10 minutes, 3 days a week. The weather is nice right now. Take advantage of it. First thing in the morning, on a lunch break at the office or if you’re working from home or in the evening, we have lots of daylight still.

 I want you to do just 5 to 10 minutes of walking. Three (3) days a week. Here’s the whole point. You have to meet yourself where you are. That’s what we do with our clients. If you haven’t been exercising, you’re not gonna start doing it an hour or an hour and a half, three (3) days a week and anyway that might be counterproductive. Go out and walk. See how that feels. Try it. Remember we’re putting colors on our plate with healthier food and we’re moving our body. Those are the two things we focus on here at Maynestreet Weight Loss and don’t forget to go to our website, scroll down to the bottom and do our free hormone assessment. I won’t see the results but you will and then reach out if you need help. Thanks.


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