To Organic or Not to Organic?

So, what do you do about buying organic or non organic foods? I’m Debbie Harris. I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified Hypnotist. And today we are going to talk about that. So I have an orange here. I have an apple here. Notice the difference between these two fruits. Which one do you think you would want to buy organic, and which one it really doesn’t matter? Well, you’re right. This one, it really doesn’t matter. Why? Look how thick that skin is on the orange.

Now, look at the apple. We’re eating right into that apple, right? We’re eating the skin. Are most of us doing that with the orange? No, I really don’t think so. You still want to wash it, especially if you’re using the outside, but it’s not necessary to buy organic. And this is something that people are questioning all the time, what food should they buy organic? What foods doesn’t it matter? You know, it isn’t easy always to find organic foods. And in many cases, although I am a very strong proponent of shopping locally, you can pay two or three times as much in a local health food store for something that you might get in your grocery store.

 Now, your grocery store might not have as much organic. And then there’s the Costcos of the world. I shop in Costco every week. We pick up all kinds of things in Costco and Costco has a huge variety of organic. Well, what’s the downside? The downside is you have to buy enough for a family of eight or 10, unless you have storage for meats and things like that. You have to be able to go through that many vegetables and fruits. And what’s the other thing about Costco?

 Well, besides the fact that you can snack all the way through it again, the other thing is you go in for two items and you come out and it’s $150 later. So the point of all this, and you’ll see an article on the website, is certain foods you don’t necessarily have to buy organic. Here’s another one for you. Avocado. I don’t know anybody who eats the outside of the avocado. Lemon. We’re probably not biting into this guy either. 

However, if we’re sticking it in our drink, we do want to make sure we wash the outside. One quick thing with fruit, berries always, always try and get berries organic. For more information. Go to You’ll find an article outlining the foods you don’t necessarily have to get organic, and the foods you really should.


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