The Journey Is Done. Thank you, Debbie

Hello Maynestreet People!

Today, is my last day with Maynestreet and I wanted to share with you my journey: I began with Maynestreet with the intention to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding and learn to eat healthier and feel alive with the assistance of Debbie. She made me feel that I was the only one she was working with – but that was not the case she was working with so many that wanted to achieve their goals. During those days I wanted to give up. There were moments I was saying to myself “this is not worth it” “I’m bored” “I can do this myself” “Why is it taking so long?” If I gave up, I’m not learning how to create a new healthier way of living. I needed to be honest with myself. Debbie was there all along to ride the wave with me and made sure I wouldn’t fall – if I did, she was there to adjust my sails. Not only I reached my goal I went a little further and I had to take my mother-of-the bride outfit in an inch around the waistline – 😊 Now the wedding is over Debbie knew my concern entering the holidays and winter months that I might gain my weight back and asked if I wanted to continue with a coach to help me stay the course and keep sailing. Well, with the help from my coach Cindy I did stay the course. We figured out ways to keep sailing. As of today, I am at my initial goal weight and will continue keep weighing myself every morning (I believe that is a saving grace) exercising, write in my food journal and enjoy the journey with ease and feeling proud of myself that I did this for me and – – the same daughter that got married is also going to be a mom so this grammy will need to be energetic and full of life. When I see people share their victories on WhatsApp or in the monthly zoom calls you also helped me stay the course – so continue with these victories because you might be there for someone that might want to give up. A special thank you to Debbie and Cindy and of course all of You.

A quote has been attributed to Thomas S. Monson. The verse is: We cannot direct the winds, but we can adjust our sails.

Please forgive any typos or weirdness. I am sending this from my phone 📱 to respond quicker.


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