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Tips for Dieting in Restaurants

So I know you like to go out to eat. You like going to restaurants, Maybe you have a date night with your partner, friends, maybe people are coming over, maybe you’re having dinner parties, maybe you’re going to other people’s houses and that does present a challenge if you are trying to eat better. Trying to get healthier and trying to release weight. 

I’m Debbie Harris. I am the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss here on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline. Now, a few weeks ago, we talked about tips as far as drinking. What do I do about alcohol if I simply feel like I must participate and have a drink? Well, you can catch that at Maynestreet Weight Loss on Youtube. But today I want to talk a little bit about the restaurant situation, or you’re going to someone’s house. 

First of all, the restaurants. Most restaurants these days will cook food the way you want. What’s most important is to look at that menu before you go. Know already up here what you think you’re gonna order and how you’re going to order it. Don’t stress, you know, maybe you’re having certain vegetables right now and they don’t have that that night. 

That’s okay. Pick another healthy vegetable. Don’t stress. It’s about enjoying the meal as well. Same thing with someone else’s house. Now this person you might be close enough to to call them up on the phone and say, hey, I’m eating this way. Could I possibly have this? Or would you mind if I brought something of my own to the dinner? That’s great but if that is not the situation, don’t stress.

People usually have some form of vegetable, some form of protein. What you want to remember is, you’re going to make the best choice possible given what you have at that moment and the most important thing, enjoy your company, enjoy your friends, your family, whatever the situation might be. 

Now, we have more information, as I said on YouTube and I would love to invite you to come to one of our Monday seminars to learn how you can take up to 20 lbs. off in 30 days. And remember those holidays are coming.


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