Simple Detox Foods Part 1

simple detox foods Part-1

Simple Detox Foods Part 1 The last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about weight loss, health or diet tips. Again, it’s that time of year where people, they’ve made their New Year’s resolutions and well, sometimes they kind of just go off the rails with it. So today we’re going to give some more tips. Now, if you’re enjoying these videos and you like these tips, you might want to reach out to us for a private consultation with me. There’s never any obligation, but I’d like to know what your specific concerns are when it comes to your weight or your health. 

I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the Connecticut shoreline. Now, now let’s get to those tips that I talked about. We’ve talked about adding colors, fruits and vegetables. We’ve talked about water and what that does. We’re gonna talk a little bit about detox today, but foods that will help you detox. I’m not talking about anything you’re popping like a pill. 

I’m talking about food, real food. So what are some of those things and these you can do and they will help you with your health and your weight loss goals. First of all, you can start your morning with some warm water and fresh lemon juice. If you want to do it every day, it’s a great way to start. If you want to do it a few days a week, try it, get some lemons, squeeze a half a lemon in a little warm water. What else? Ginger, ginger is great for detox. Do you like ginger tea? 

Maybe you get some fresh ginger and just boil up some tea, add a little sweetener, maybe a little honey, maybe a little lemon. Try that. Especially in the winter months if you’re somewhere where it’s cold. Now, a few other things. Asparagus is a great detox, broccoli is a great detox. I know asparagus, broccoli. Now you’re thinking, I’m not sure I want those. Well, here’s one you may not know. Brown rice is also excellent for detoxing. Now remember don’t eat the whole pot. 

I would recommend about a half a cup cooked of the brown rice and that will also be something you can do to help you detox. 

Again, I’m Debbie Harris. If you’re seeing this in an email, just reply to it and there’ll be a phone number with it. If you’re seeing it on Youtube, remember to hit subscribe and do come back. We’ll have more tips for you next week.


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