Remember Sacchrin now Aspertame?


Remember Sacchrin now Aspertame? I am so very excited for you. You’ve decided to take control of your health, maybe get off some medication and most of all you’re gonna take off the excess weight and it’s going to stay off. Now, I want you to open up the information you have. 

You have two sheets there. One is going to tell you all about the program, what you need, what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to do for the first phase of the program. The other one is all about the vitamins that you have and the drops. Now these are the drops that you have and I want to spend just a moment on these. 

You’re going to take them three (3) times a day and you’re going to make sure that you just take five small drops on a spoon, put it under your tongue, hold it for 15 or 20 seconds, then swallow. Very important. No food or water fifteen (15) minutes on either side. Now, you have instructions for the vitamins. 

The only ones that you’re taking twice (2x) a day are the Milk Thistle and the Relora and be sure and look at the description for the vitamins. The other thing you have is this, you have some clear Stevia, that is the only sweetener you’re going to use. And frankly, if you don’t need something sweet, don’t use it. 

We also have many other flavors of it. So if you decide you want something sweet, you go online on the website ( and you’ll be able to order whatever flavor you want. Now, follow the instructions for texting me after your two (2) Load Days and after your first day on the program. Again, congratulations. I am here to answer any questions that you have. I’ll be texting with you every morning and you are gonna take that weight off and keep it off.


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