Lose Weight with Accountability Partner

Lose Weight with Accountability Partner

Lose Weight with Accountability Partner. I’m Debbie Harris and if you remember our last video, we talked about tips. Tips for meeting those weight loss and fitness goals this year. Today, I want to talk about another very, very important thing to help you reach those goals that you set. 

We know it’s January, New Year’s resolutions, starting over, turning the page, whatever you call it. So let’s get right to it. One of the things that is so very, very important when you set a goal and remember we talked about small incremental changes and celebrating every success. What’s going to make that even easier for you is having an accountability partner. Now, what do I mean about an accountability partner? You want someone, now, maybe they’re also on a diet. Maybe they’re also working on taking weight off. Maybe they’re not. Maybe they’re just someone that you can absolutely rely on to keep you on task. 

Now, what does that mean? Maybe it’s a daily text. Maybe it’s a quick five minute phone call. Maybe it’s a weekly phone call. It doesn’t really matter how you set it up. But what’s very, very important is that you feel comfortable with that person and you really feel that that person can inspire you and motivate you. Now at Maynestreet Weight Loss on the Connecticut shoreline. We actually reach all of our clients every day who are on our program because accountability is so very important. So tip for today, find someone.

Find someone that either wants to buddy up with you and do it together, which is awesome or someone, you know will hold you accountable to the goals that you have made, and perhaps you can do the same for them. Don’t forget to look for us on YouTube, Maynestreet Weight Loss and I’ll see you in my next video.


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