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Diet Tips for Real Success

Diet Tips for Real Success. We’ve been talking a lot about New Year’s resolutions, finally taking the weight off, finally getting fit, getting healthier and I’m not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but the second Friday in January is usually referred to as Quitters Day. What’s Quitters Day? Quitters Day is when most people give up on that, oh, that New Year’s resolution that this year and this time was gonna stick. 

I’m Debbie Harris, I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the Connecticut shoreline and today I want to twist that a little bit and give you another tip that might help you, especially if you didn’t fall prey to Quitters Day this year. You know, when you’re making these changes and change is the key word here, it’s not smooth sailing all the time.

What happens to a lot of people, especially with fitness and especially with food is the minute there’s a little dip, oh man, I had that slice of pizza or oh no, I was starving. I grabbed a cookie when I walked in the door or my kid got sick and I just didn’t get to my trainer today. I didn’t get to the gym today. 

All of a sudden, here we go, everything slides and what I want to say to you today is, that is a normal process in development of changing habits and it can take months,6 months, 12 months, 24 months. Don’t beat yourself up, understand that, all you have to do is just say, okay, that happened, new day, new hour, back on track. So remember change is not going to be constant. 

There are going to be dips. And if you need help go to our Youtube Channel, Maynestreet Weight Loss. There’s a ton of videos on there that can help you. And if you really want more help put a comment with this video, reach out to us. I’ll talk to you about your specific needs in changing your habits once and for all this year.


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