I am on day 9.  I’ve lost 7.3 pounds.

“I am on day 9.  I’ve lost 7.3 pounds.  My cravings are 90% gone.  My grocery bill has gone way down.  Cooking is simpler.  I couldn’t be happier…this program is fantastic!” Linda B


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“You’ll notice it first in your face”

Day 11. Weight 261.2. Loss .9 Total loss 13.9. As David said,,,,, “you’ll notice it first in your face”. Very true . I see a HUGE difference and I feel super. Walked 1 mile yesterday. Getting

The Journey Is Done. Thank you, Debbie

Hello Maynestreet People! Today, is my last day with Maynestreet and I wanted to share with you my journey: I began with Maynestreet with the intention to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding and learn to

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