Why Is Weight Loss Difficult?


 Why Is Weight Loss Difficult? If you’re a professional woman or business owner aged 45 or over, please listen to the rest of this video. If you’re not or you don’t know any women that fit in that category, well, you can forget about listening to the rest of the video if you like. 

I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss and Wellness here in Connecticut and I work with clients all over the country. 

Why am I asking if you’re a woman 45 over, very successful in a profession, a business owner, a CEO, a CFO, a lawyer, financial planner? Here’s why. In the last few weeks I’ve had no less than three of those women, one each week, in fact, say this to me. I don’t know what it is Deb, I am great at my profession. I’m married, I ski, I run, I do all kinds of things and I am very, very successful at all of them, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to take this excess weight off. I just don’t understand it. 

Why is this so difficult when everything else I’m able to manage? I’m able to handle. Sure, I get stressed and, and work is stressful and family is stressful but, I just, I get a handle on it but I cannot get a handle on this. If that sounds at all familiar, please send me a direct message. 

You’re probably seeing this on social media. You may be seeing it in an email, my phone number, my email address will come up. Please let me know and we’ll do a short 15 minute conversation because you’re not alone. You’re absolutely not alone. And I hear from successful women all the time. 

Why is this part of my life so difficult? There’s a lot of reasons and it has a lot more to do with things outside your life, not just the food on your plate. Stay tuned for next week. We’re gonna delve a little bit more into this and have a great rest of your day. 

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