What Zaps Your Motivation?

What Zaps Your Motivation?

Today we’re going to talk about motivation, motivation zappers actually or those things that just somehow get in your way when you’re working so hard to take excess weight off, to get healthy, to have more energy.

I’m Debbie Harris, I am the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the Connecticut shoreline and we’ve had a lot of conversations lately about things that can get in the way, fear of failure, fear of success. Well, what about those things that get in the way that just kind of put a drag on our motivation? You know, we’re ready, we’re ready to take the weight off. We’re ready to feel better.

We’re ready to be energized. We see our friends doing it. We have clients calling us all the time who saw this person, that person and this person and say, I gotta do this. They’re doing it and you get started and you’re excited and you’re doing awesome and something happens. I don’t know, maybe you go to a party, maybe your extra tired, Maybe it’s a very stressful day and suddenly you find that motivation just isn’t there.

Well, what’s different about Maynestreet Weight Loss? Well, I’ll tell you what’s different. You’re going to get that motivation every single day. We say Real food, Real support, Real lasting results. That support means you’re going to communicate with me every single morning on the first phase of the program and if you need more motivation than that you’ve got over 50 people available to you on WhatsApp.

So, I want you to understand that we all have those moments where that motivation just isn’t there. But on other plans, what do you do? You try and psych yourself up, right? You can do it, you can do it. And then if you don’t do it, you feel awful. Well, you will always have a way to reach out to get that extra boost of motivation when you need it. Come visit us on a Monday, check out our free informational seminar. There will be information with this video. Let’s see if this program is exactly what you need.


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