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They want you to succeed – they have been there.

“My name is Cathy & have recently enrolled in The Maynestreet Weight Loss Program and am thrilled with the results. From my very first phone call to Dave, I knew it was the right fit. He & Debbie are so sincere, compassionate supportive, & knowledgeable. They are there for you every step of the way-every day. I have struggled for years with my weight & have been on every program out there short of surgery & this is the first time the weight is melting off. Real food with delicious recipes – easy prep-healthy choices. Nothing is pre-packaged-it is a “Lifestyle” for which you will feel amazing on. Debbie & Dave are there for you -not about the “money” as all the others are-in fact just the opposite. The Body Scan blew my mind-the most intriguing thing I have ever experienced-a real “Wake Up Call”.  They want you to succeed – they have been there. Everyone I speak to has lost weight & say how lovely they are- wonderful reputation. They are truly changing my life for the better & I cannot thank them enough…Thrilled our paths have crossed. Here’s to a happy, healthy life thanks to them.” Cathy L


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