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Quitter’s Day

Quitter’s Day: You know, I had to smile when I opened my email this morning. I market to my clients. I want them to know what specials are going on and what’s happening with Maynestreet Weight Loss. And, you know, this time of year is a big deal. People start thinking about that. And I sent out an email yesterday, not to clients but to potential clients. And I had a picture of a woman who’s been very successful on our program.

Three different pictures of her. She reached her goal. She’s had her weight off for months and months and months. She’s given us testimonials. She’s thrilled. Well, I didn’t realize that I had left her on that list, and she wrote back to me and she was just like, hey, no, New Year’s resolution for me this year when it comes to weight. And I said, oh, Mary Ann, I didn’t realize you were still on this list. And she said, no, no, keep me on. It keeps me and you know, keeps me in check to see what you’re sending out to people who aren’t clients yet.

I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the Co-Founder of Maynestreet Weight Loss . We are a virtual national weight loss company and we do it by naturally balancing hormones, and with real food. And did you know that when it comes to resolutions about weight, diet, fitness, eating healthy, over 90% of people in the last couple of years have made some kind of a resolution related to that? And you know what this year, do you know what January 12th is? January 12th is the second Friday in January. And do you know what that is? That’s Quitter’s Day . That’s when over 60% of people simply give up. Over 20% give up in the first week. We can help you with that. We understand what it’s like to do that cycle over and over and over again. So get in touch, there’ll be information with the video and you can be just like Mary Ann.


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