Dieting and Failure – Stop It

Dieting and Failure

Dieting and Failure – Stop It. Hi, I’m Debbie Harris. I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified Hypnotist. I spend my time working with women, most of them 45 and over. One of the things that I’m hearing a lot from my female clients, and when they talk to me about friends of theirs who they feel could use my help is this overwhelming feeling of failure. Have you ever had that Sunday Night syndrome? I know many of us have had it about work.

About not wanting to go back to a job that we’re really not crazy about, but we also have it when it comes to, ‘I’m gonna start that diet on Monday’. You know, we eat all weekend because, of course, if we’re gonna eat all weekend, it’s ok because when Monday comes, we’re going to start that diet, and we are ready, and we find maybe by Wednesday or Thursday or Friday that something happens.

Somebody had a birthday at the office, a friend invited us to a happy hour. Something happened that kind of just kicked us out of that. Maybe we’re exhausted, we’re tired, we didn’t shop, we’re on our way home from a long day at work, and we stopped for that pizza or whatever it is. Now, we’re a failure.

I just wrote an article about this because it deeply concerns me that women find that they’re judging themselves by what they ate, what they didn’t eat, what they weighed on the scale. I’m going to have that article out to you any day now, and I encourage you if you’ve ever experienced this, or if you are experiencing it, go to my website, You will have an opportunity there to set up a 30 minute consultation with me. There’s no obligation and there’s no fee. Let me see if I can help you a bit with this subject and then if you’d like to work together, we can discuss that.


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