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Cholesterol levels dropped more than 60 points

“Robert & I are incredibly grateful to you, David, and Maynestreet for giving us our health back.

Last year at this time we vowed to each other to turn a new leaf and take control of our health. In March, I had my first physical with the new PCP. My cholesterol values were elevated to the upper range, which is borderline for medication, and I was at my all-time heaviest weight. I refused to succumb to taking medication and explained to my PCP that I am determined to lose weight. My PCP didn’t know me at all. I informed her that I have a strong mindset and am very goal oriented and once I set out a goal for myself, I will not deviate from the plan. She agreed to a 6+ month timeframe to allow me to lose weight with orders for follow-up bloodwork. As I left her office my parting words were “Watch Me!” She half smiled and am certain that she had her doubts.

A few weeks ago, I had my blood drawn and my cholesterol levels dropped more than 60 points. The PCP had her NP phone with the fantastic news, and she said the doctor was very pleased. This complete health turnaround is solely possible because of Maynestreet.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Wishing you and your family (especially your Mom) a very Happy Healthy New Year!”
DonnaMarie M  & Robert N 12/31/23


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