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I have tried many weight loss programs throughout the years with some success.

I have tried many weight loss programs throughout the years with some success. The foods were processed and loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives. However, once you reach your goal weight and reintroduce normal foods the weight quickly returns. These programs are NOT designed to be a continuous way of life.

Additionally, being a woman has its challenges to not only lose the extra weight but maintain it due to hormonal factors. This is all factored into the Maynestreet weight loss program.

Recently, I met my dear friend, a member of the Maynestreet family, who looks fantastic. She has lost a significant amount of weight and more importantly, has successfully maintained her weight for over a year on the Maynestreet program. I decided to make the commitment and join the Maynestreet weight loss program. I met with David Mayne for the initial introduction to Maynestreet. He was extremely informative during the intake informational process thoroughly explaining the product line and how it works. David had poster boards of himself and his lovely wife Debbie featuring their before and after photos. I began the program with Debbie being my Mentor. The Maynestreet weight loss program is an extended family. Both Debbie and David conduct group zoom calls with the members. During the Zoom calls the members share their successes and help with what is working for them. Debbie and David also have guest speakers on occasion to address many issues pertaining to weight loss i.e., wardrobe consultants.

When I use the term program it is loosely defined. Maynestreet is a lifestyle which is the primary reason that it is so successful. You are eating healthy and making good food choices under the guidance of Debbie, David, and your Mentor. Every member has an assigned Mentor in Stage 2 of the Program. Each day the member texts their weight to their Mentor who monitors their weight loss. Once a week the Mentor phones their members to discuss the week’s successes as well as makes the proper food add-on suggestions once the member reaches each benchmark. The Mentor plays a major role in keeping members on a good path for their weight loss success and often shares their own experiences to the mix.

Maynestreet is a unique weight loss program that offers one on one mentoring. Throughout each member’s journey Debbie and David are actively invested in every member as well as offering guidance to the individual counselors. Debbie and David provide and incredible amount of encouragement and offer inspirational accounts of their own personal journey. Debbie and David take pride in their mentorship and go the extra mile to ensure every member has access to the essential products. They even will drop off food, vitamins etc. to local members along the CT shoreline.

I highly recommend joining the Maynestreet weight loss family. This is a “Healthy Lifestyle” that is easily maintainable. You are never alone in your weight loss journey because each member has the support of the entire Maynestreet family which is led by Debbie and David Harris and your personal Mentor! What an amazing team!

Isn’t it time that you invest in yourself to get on the right track to stay healthy! Make your health the priority. Come join the highly successful, supportive, and friendly Maynestreet family! Donna M


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