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Reward Yourself the Right Way: Why Healthy Food is the Best Treat

Regarding weight loss, “rewarding yourself” can often lead to confusion and guilt. Traditional advice tends to steer us away from using food as a reward, suggesting we opt for non-food rewards like a spa day, shopping, or spending time with friends. While these are undoubtedly wonderful treats, they overlook one powerful truth: healthy food can […]

Embracing Change: How Our 30-Day Balancing Program Transforms the Menopausal Journey

Embracing Change: How Our 30-Day Balancing Program Transforms the Menopausal Journey

Embracing Change: How Our 30-Day Balancing Program Transforms the Menopausal Journey. Menopause is an interesting time, before, during, and after. One thing that I found most frustrating was the inability to lose weight. Having dealt with weight fluctuation and dieting all my life, now the weight wouldn’t budge. This, combined with hot flashes, night sweats, […]

“You’ll notice it first in your face”

Day 11. Weight 261.2. Loss .9 Total loss 13.9. As David said,,,,, “you’ll notice it first in your face”. Very true . I see a HUGE difference and I feel super. Walked 1 mile yesterday. Getting ready for golf season on schedule .  Rich D  I’m blown away by this !! It makes me realize HOW MUCH. […]

Organic or Not? Navigating Your Grocery List for Health and Savings

I often get asked whether to eat organic or non-organic food. It impacts where we shop, what we spend, and whether we feel good about our food choices. The good news is that finding organic food is easier than ever. The not-so-good news is that it is still a challenge in many areas.  Local health […]

The Myth of Willpower: Why Dieting Isn’t Just About Saying ‘No’

Dieting and Failure

Ladies, let’s have a heart-to-heart. How many times have you embarked on a diet journey, armed with a fridge full of kale, the determination of a marathon runner, and the kind of willpower that could, presumably, turn down a freshly glazed donut? You may have spent the weekend indulging, knowing that you “will start the […]

Self Care in Your Busy World

Self Care in Your Busy World

So, your calendar is screwing around with your life again. Right? I mean, how could that happen? How could you possibly have so many appointments? So many meetings, so many Zooms?  I’m Debbie Harris. I am the founder of Maynestreet VIP, and I help women 45 and over who have three or more sizes in […]

Hormone Balancing With Maynestreet


Hormone Balancing With Maynestreet. You know, a while ago I spoke about Ozempic, and I’ve written some articles about it on our website, And I really talked about not the fact that Ozempic is being used for people who really need the drug, but the fact that the New York Times and some other […]