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Maynestreet Balance with kit & Mentoring

This program has been so successful in helping people who wanted to lose weight and found it very difficult to take it off and keep it off.

Maynestreet Method of hormone-balancing for weight loss.

A 30-day program to naturally balance hormones that impact weight management and fat storage.  We use our homeopathic formula for weight loss support, vitamins and real food, proteins, non-starchy vegetables, fruit, and spices.  Together they influence the glands to reset the hormone balance caused by constant stress on the body.  And it works!

The kit provides:

  • Maynestreet Weight Loss Support Formula
  • 60-day supply of Vitamins for Hormone-balancing
    • Daily Multiple
    • Probiotic
    • B-Complex – Special formula
    • Milk Thistle – Liver support for processing toxins out of the body
    • Relora
  • 21 day supply of protein pretzels
  • 14 day supply of protein pudding/shake (snack)
  • Liquide Stevia
  • 30 days dedicated mentor



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