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Maynestreet For Men!

We found the answer for men to Take off belly weight
without a single situp, crunch or plank.

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Steve B

Finally, the answer men want!

“Good morning, everyone, I started the program 3.5 weeks ago and have lost 18 lbs. so far. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. The doctor was shocked when she saw my cholesterol went down 53 points. I no longer have to take my BP (blood pressure) meds that I’ve been on for 5 yrs. I’m feeling good. The program has been well worth the time and effort. I’m very inspired to keep going.”
Steve B – September 18, 2023

Steve is down over 31 lbs in 60 days This is his 2nd testimonial:
“ I’m feeling great, I’m amazed at how well the system works. If you just stay the course, it seems to do the work for you, thanks for all the support.” Steve B 10/28/23

Look at the belly weight... Gone!!!

I’m David Mayne,
Co-founder of Maynestreet Weight Loss LLC.

We were looking for a solution for my wife Debbie who was suffering from weight gain caused by menopause and what we found was amazing.  The solution was not about dieting and we tried them all, HCG, Keto, Jenny, WW… Yeah, the list goes on and on.  Until we came across a program based on natural hormone balancing, using vitamins, a homeopathic formula, and primary foods;  proteins, vegetables, and fruit.  

After doing the program with great personal success (pictures above)…

We started to research hormone balancing for weight loss as a business. With our research, training, and experience we constructed our less restrictive program that is more inclusive of plant-based eating lifestyles that some prefer.  Our goal was to help women, but the results for men on this program are transformational!  The male body responds to the hormone balancing protocol amazingly well, and delivers fast results.  


Hormone Imbalance -Living in survival mode IS the American culture

Hormones regulate all the involuntary systems in the body, respiratory, circulatory…  Hormones also regulate your body’s energy reserve for survival (body fat storage).  In a state of CONSTANT STRESS, the body goes into survival mode and the hormones are set to store energy as fat. The problem we face is that the American culture is a CONSTANT STRESS society!  And as we get older, the accumulation of constant stress on our body creates belly and back fat and weight in the face and neck.  This can be a glaring indication of a hormone imbalance that can be easily resolved in men. 

We found the fix to take your body out of survival mode

Taking your body out of survival mode is pretty easy using our method. Within days you will start to see results as your face thins, and your belly starts to recede.  Inflammation can improve, blood pressure stabilizes, energy and stamina fly, and about 14 days on the program, you realize that you are thinking clearer, you are not as tired as you were, and the body pain has improved. 
Men typically release (lose) up to:
20 pounds in 30 days
30 pounds in 60 days
40 pounds in 90 days
50 pounds in 120 days
Keeping it off 
The big key is to get to your goal weight and stabilize.  Plus we are going to give you some tips and guidance to help you get through events, vacations, parties, BBQs, and travel.  You will also learn to read your body as you introduce foods back into your eating lifestyle.  “If I eat this do I get a reaction? Indigestion? Inflammation? Bloating? Does it put weight on me? Or do I get no reaction at all?” Once you know, you can make choices. We will show you how to enjoy the foods you love and still maintain your balance.  And it is so much easier for men!

Keep in Mind

  • You are eating real food, so after you lose weight, you have a real food reference to go back to when you feel that you want to get back on track.  

  • The vitamins make a big difference in not only weight loss, but maintaining a healthy hormone balance.  

  • The Weight Loss Support Formula (the magic drops), they influence the glands to reset the hormones to your “factory settings”.  Taking you out of survival mode and enabling the release of stored fat.  

  • This is a body chemistry issue so no additional activity (exercise) is required for the release of stored fat to happen.

  • If you can cook with a skillet or a grill, you have all the skills needed to cook on this program.

  • After 30-days you can continue with coaching ($125 per month) or continue the program on your own.  

  • Our goal is to find the best life in your body and then for you to tell someone else when you see a guy with a belly and know that they can take that off too.


Meet Brad Murphy - The Fastest Man to Release 40 Pounds

Men's 30-DAY
To remove belly weight

If you’re struggling with belly fat, it’s a sign that your body has a hormone-imbalance that can be resolved quickly, naturally, and with lasting results!

Men are simple creatures, easy to reset, and take weight off fast. Our approach works with your body’s normal biology to regulate your body to release weight and achieve sustainable results. 

Weight Loss

Our clients typically experience a release of 17 to 20 pounds in just 30 days using our hormone-balancing method.  You eat real food and no additional activity is required.  

Learning to Maintain Your Hormone Balance

The health benefits extend far beyond mere weight loss as you learn what it takes to maintain your hormone balance and live a better quality of life in your body by understanding how foods affect you.  

This is a guided 30-day program for men and women.  Includes your balancing kit, shipping & 30 days of program mentoring.

Balancing Program $899.00