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The Maynestreet Method - hormone balancing for weight loss

Removes Insulin Resistance for fast, natural weight control

Hormone balancing is the answer for most adults over 40 years of age!

The constant state of stress creates a natural hormone imbalance. It produces a “cascade effect” that leads to insulin resistance and triggers stress-related weight gain and other health-related issues, including high blood pressure, inflammation, digestive problems, poor sleep, headaches, and migraines….   It is the imbalance that you are struggling with.  Fix the imbalance, and release the weight.  This works!

This 30-day program will reset your body and speed up your weight loss journey.

A solution when nothing else works!

About 70% of our clients are women over 50 years of age.  Many never had a weight problem, but now they do.  Others could take the weight off, but as soon as they broke their diet, the weight came back and more.  Then, there are those who eat well and exercise but can’t take weight off at all…  They tried everything and they have been losing the same 5 or 10 pounds over and over.
All of these women were suffering from a hormone imbalance. 
If you are over 50 years, the odds are that you are too.

The good news for most people is that a hormone imbalance is a natural condition that causes a lot of health and weight problems.  We found a all-natural method that works to restore the hormone balance in adults of all ages, it removes insulin resistance and improves a variety of menopause and health-related issues.   
The results may seem to be “too good to be true”, but they are very consistent, and very real.  See the testimonials for true details.  Then order your kit and Get Started

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The Maynestreet Method is a 30-day program using select vitamins, real food, and our proprietary homeopathic formula to influence glands and balance hormones for health and weight loss.  You will also have a dedicated program mentor to monitor your progress using our mobile app.  The app contains instructional videos, will monitor your progress, and is your secure connection to your dedicated program mentor.

Hormone balancing for weight loss is not based on burning calories or traditional diet & exercise.  In fact, no exercise is required.  This is a biological release of stored fat, and puts you back in control of your weight management.     

We are very open about the program.   
Because if you have human biology, and you do.  If your goal is to take off the extra pounds and feel better, you need to try this! 

It’s a 12 minute call to learn more, 860-322-4725

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The balancing is all-natural and contains no drugs, chemicals, or hormones.

The Typical Male Journey

4 Months- 40 Pounds

“Good morning, everyone, I started the program 3.5 weeks ago and have lost 18 lbs. so far. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. The doctor was shocked when she saw my cholesterol went down 53 points. I no longer have to take my BP (blood pressure) meds that I’ve been on for 5 yrs. I’m feeling good. The program has been well worth the time and effort. I’m very inspired to keep going.”
Steve B –  9/18/2023

Steve is down over 31 lbs in 60 days This is his 2nd testimonial:
“ I’m feeling great, I’m amazed at how well the system works. If you just stay the course, it seems to do the work for you, thanks for all the support.”
Steve B 10/28/23

“Thank you Maynestreet for helping me do what I was never able to do on my own.

For years I had tried to lose weight and improve my health but always with too few results and went right back to where I was.

After only 126 days with Maynestreet, I am now 40 lbs. lighter and not taking Meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. I now know how to lose weight and keep it off with the mentoring and guidance of Maynestreet.

You guys made it feel fun and easy.”
Thank You.” Steve B 1/2/24 

Maynestreet Partner Program

Maynestreet Method for Med Spas

It's our service, but it's your success!

Med Spas are the perfect partner for Maynestreet clients. Our 30-day program is the ideal for spas and their clients to swiftly lose weight and get the services that will benefit them after their weight loss is complete.

Our happy clients

We’ve helped so many people transform their life

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I don’t have cravings…

“I’m feeling great! Non-scale victories: work is extremely stressful and I would make poor food choices using that as an excuse. This was yesterday afternoon:

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Balancing Hormones for Weight Loss: A Practical Guide for Menopause

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You ask, we answer

We are very upfront about our hormone-balancing program.  It doesn’t work like a diet and it is not based on calories and exercise.  It is based on biology and how the body is influenced by stress.

Most men and women have a hormone imbalance from constant stress as they age.  The American lifestyle is constant stress:  Work, family, aging parents, body pain and inflammation, digestive issues, headaches, and poor sleep…  Things that need to get done, money issues, personal conflicts…  Stress, stress, stress, stress… It causes weight gain.  Do you have weight gain?  If so, yes you do.  


Your life is your life and we can’t change the stress.  It is what it is, right? 

But we can relieve your body from the constant stress of your life and bring it back to balance to release the weight gain.  Putting you back in control.   

Maintain your balance with healthy eating, a few new habits and activity, the weight will take care of itself.


We use primary foods (proteins, fruits, vegetables & spices), 5 vitamins to enrich your bio-environment, and our proprietary weight-loss support formula to influence the glands to balance your hormones and insulin. 

Read: Intro to Maynestreet hormone balancing for weight loss.

You will weigh-in and report your results everyday to your mentor.  Most people will lose up to a pound per day during the balancing stage.

When you are coming to balance the weight is released.  

The medical community has overlooked natural solutions or alternatives to medicines.  Also, diet and nutrition at this level are not taught in the medical schools. 

Yeah, we were surprised to learn this too.

If you Google: hormone balancing and weight loss, you will find more that 25 years of studies and research on the subject.  The base methodology for influencing glands has been understood for over a decade.  Much of this knowledge has become the foundation for our balancing program and in other areas, we updated the process and worked with industry professionals to optimize our hormone balancing for weight loss and health.

The mentor plays an important role in the program.  First, they are your primary contact and have been through the program like you.  They are also monitoring your weight loss progress so we understand if you are balancing or need to make an adjustment to your program. Every journey is unique.

Your daily reporting by text brings structure and accountability to help you stay on track. 

Some people are hesitant about reporting by text on a daily basis, but quickly find that it is a fast and simple text message to report daily success, and they get into it.

You can extend your program and just pay the monthly coaching rate.

We have found that our vitamins make a difference in maintaining your results.  But you are not obligated to use our vitamins.

Our vitamins are of the highest quality available and selected to enrich your body for healthy hormone production. 

They are made for us in Edison, New Jersey.

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