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I Know Losing Weight is Hard

You know, I’ve always thought that leading by example is something that I have always followed. Through my business life and through just life in general. So today I’m gonna talk to you a little bit, because I really do understand the challenges you face when you take on wanting to take off excess weight. Last week, if you didn’t catch the video, go back and look at it on YouTube, Maynestreet Weight Loss. We talked about Summer and the special challenges of Summer when you’re trying to reduce weight. I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-founder of Maynestreet Weight Loss. I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified Hypnotist. So why am I bringing this up today about leading by example? Well, I decided that I was feeling a little bit out of balance and decided it was time to take a foray into my own program for a couple of weeks. And I really do understand what it’s like to say, I’m going to do this and there are certain things I’m not gonna eat, and I’m not gonna drink for a certain amount of time. So, I invite you to reach out to me. You can leave me a message here. You can DM me on any social media. There’ll be information with this video. If you’d like to have a 1 to 1 conversation, we can schedule that and really see what is gonna work for you. You know, people are taking a lot of drugs right now, and in many cases it’s valid, but in a lot it isn’t and we really aren’t sure what’s going to be the long term effect with many of these drugs. So, again, I invite you to have a conversation, I’m here to help.


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