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Enjoy Vacation and Travel While Losing Weight

Clients often tell us that Summer is a very challenging time to stick to a weight release program. Unlike the Winter indoor holidays, Summer presents outdoor eating, burgers, hotdogs, potato salad, pasta salad, chips, beer, and cocktails by the water. There are graduations, weddings, family reunions, and tons of socializing. Yes, I am very familiar with the challenges of healthier eating this time of year. I also find Summer more of a challenge, especially with more daylight and later eating.

Summer is also the most popular time for vacations and travel. This adds to the challenges of sticking to a healthy eating program to reduce weight. Let’s explore ways to ensure you stick to your commitment to yourself this Summer. With some planning and mindful choices, you can enjoy your summer adventures without compromising your health goals.

Here’s how to stay on track:

  1. Plan Ahead

Before embarking on your journey, take charge by doing some research. Look up healthy restaurants at your destination, check hotel amenities for fitness centers or nearby walking trails, and pack healthy snacks for the journey. This proactive approach empowers you to make better choices and avoid impulsive, unhealthy eating. For instance, my husband and I always pack turkey burgers, apples, veggies, and liquid stevia whenever we travel by plane.

When traveling by car, we always take a case of bottled water, our liquid stevia, and any healthy snacks for the road trip. Restaurants have salads, rice bowls, and eggs. For me, it’s an egg white omelet with veggies for breakfast or lunch. Check out menus while driving (whoever isn’t driving the car) and get a sense of what healthy choices you can make.

  1. Stay Hydrated

This goes back to keeping a case of water in the car for hotel rooms and travel time. We often will take a cooler as well. Yes, planning for bathroom breaks must be considered, so plan accordingly. When traveling by plane, drink cups of water, and be sure to drink when you get to your destination. You can fill an empty bottle at most airports, so bring an empty bottle when you go through security. Of course, you can buy a big bottle of water at the airport if you are okay with the crazy pricing.

Remember, staying hydrated is key. Wherever you go, carry a reusable water bottle and aim to consume at least eight glasses of water daily. Adequate hydration keeps your metabolism active and helps regulate hunger, supporting your weight loss goals.

  1. Keep Active

Incorporate physical activity into your vacation plans. On rainy days, walk around your hotel or grab an umbrella and venture around where you are staying. Is there a fitness center in your hotel?

Jumping ocean waves, playing pool volleyball or on the beach, or walking beautiful hiking trails through the woods will all work. If you’re visiting another City, walk, walk, walk.

Most of all, don’t stress. Some days, you may want to sit under an umbrella and read a book. If you are drinking your water, you must get up to go to the restroom, which counts as walking around.

  1. Practice Portion Control

Oh, the challenge of a buffet and all-inclusive vacations. I immediately head for the salad and fill up my plate with it. I take more than one serving of the greens, and sometimes, I wonder if people think I am a ‘salad hog,’ but I don’t mind. Then I move to veggies and fruit, and lastly, some protein. By now, I hardly have room for bread, pasta, and anything else that isn’t the healthiest choice. Don’t forget to try new foods, especially those that are native to where you are. Just be mindful of portions, and remember, it’s your choice.

When it comes to local cuisine, portion control is your ally. Share meals with your travel companions, opt for appetizers instead of full entrees, and be mindful of your hunger cues. Exploring new foods is part of the adventure, so relish small portions without going overboard.

  1. Mind Your Alcohol Intake

All the celebrations, socializing, and travel contribute to drinking alcohol. Stay away from sugary mixers; squeeze in fresh fruit instead. Tequila with fresh orange and lime. Vodka with club soda and a splash of cranberry. Bourbon with water, and I add a squirt of fresh lime. Put ice cubes in white wine to water it and make it last longer. Choose light beer. Please don’t overdo it, and hydrate with water from alcoholic beverages.

I sometimes use Zevia soda as a mixer. Lemon/lime, ginger ale, cola, orange, and black cherry can all be mixers. See what you like. When traveling by car, take some Zevia and club soda with you.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Summer means later evenings and sunlit earlier mornings. Please pay attention to your sleep schedule, and don’t scrimp on it. When traveling, I like to fight through time zone changes to get into whatever time zone I am in.

  1. Don’t Stress

Lastly, remember that it’s okay to indulge occasionally. Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy yourself. If you have an indulgent meal, don’t stress about it. Travel is about exploration, and food is part of cultures and traditions. Allow yourself to enjoy a few local favorites while maintaining healthy light eating the rest of the time. This flexibility in your weight loss program is designed to keep you on track without feeling anxious or restricted. 

Since we are relaxed on vacation, you may find that you were able to maintain your weight and even drop a few pounds. Stress makes it so much more challenging. Remove the stress, and we naturally eat better, sleep better, spend more time exercising, and enjoy the company of others. Go for it.

Need help? Our Maynestreet program is designed to help you lose weight and feel amazing while eating real food. We customize our program so you will know how to relax and enjoy vacation and travel. Schedule a complimentary call with Debbie.


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