Exercise & Weight Loss – Surprise Tips

Exercise & Weight Loss – Surprise Tips. Are you tired of people telling you that you really should get out there and exercise? You know, if you really want to take the weight off and you really want to feel better, well you just have to start exercising more. Why aren’t you doing it? Are […]

Remember Sacchrin now Aspertame?


Remember Sacchrin now Aspertame? I am so very excited for you. You’ve decided to take control of your health, maybe get off some medication and most of all you’re gonna take off the excess weight and it’s going to stay off. Now, I want you to open up the information you have.  You have two […]

Simple Detox Foods Part 1

simple detox foods Part-1

Simple Detox Foods Part 1 The last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about weight loss, health or diet tips. Again, it’s that time of year where people, they’ve made their New Year’s resolutions and well, sometimes they kind of just go off the rails with it. So today we’re going to give some more […]

Congratulations on a Great Decision

Congratulations, congratulations again. You have made a great life changing decision. Now, you’ve decided to become a part of Maynestreet Weight Loss. Take off that excess weight with Real food, Real support and Real lasting results. Here’s some things you need to know right from the beginning. You’re going to download the Fully Alive app. […]

3 Tips On Reading Food Labels

Well, I have some exciting news today. Hypnosis is coming to Maynestreet Weight Loss.  I know, many of you have been asking me for it for months since we actually put our shingle out for Maynestreet Weight Loss and we’ve been helping so many people get thinner, get healthier, get off medication and now we’re […]

Fear of Success – It Can Stop You

Hi, I’m Debbie Harris and the last time we talked, we talked about dieting and fear of failure. Today, we’re going to flip that a little bit and we’re going to talk about dieting and fear of success. Now, you know, we own Maynestreet Weight Loss here on the gorgeous Connecticut shoreline and we are […]

Food Triggers.

Hi! Today, we’re gonna talk about a new topic we haven’t touched on yet in relation to food and in relation to taking that excess weight off and getting healthier.  I’m Debbie Harris, I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline.  We’ve talked about a lot of things over the last […]

What Zaps Your Motivation?

Today we’re going to talk about motivation, motivation zappers actually or those things that just somehow get in your way when you’re working so hard to take excess weight off, to get healthy, to have more energy. I’m Debbie Harris, I am the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the Connecticut shoreline and we’ve had […]