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Maynestreet provides turnkey technical services for WordPress websites.  From managed WordPress hosting to technical integration of marketing systems.  We take care of the technical layer of your website and digital marketing. 

  • Our Solo Program is for single location businesses and personal brands.  We give you an awesome set of tools and options for your WordPress website.  Our people will connect your website to the Google services for a fast ranking within the search engine.
  • The Pro Program, takes it a level above and adds eCommerce.  More options, more tools, larger hosting capacity. 
  • The Pro Custom is just that, based on what you need in your website for your business.  We still integrate the systems and provide the first line of support for you and your team.

It is important to note, that Maynestreet does not offer design or digital marketing services.  We take care of the technical integration and maintenance of your WordPress website.  See our Partner page for design, SEO, email marketing and other service providers.

Coming soon – Maynestreet.tv our member training and curated video site.

David Mayne AKA. Maynestreet

David Mayne is a digital strategist and WordCamp speaker. While attending a beginner day. David could see that WordPress was still too complicated for most beginners and business people because you still had very technical issues to integrate systems, security, performance, SEO... That is the problem that he solved with Maynestreet.com.

Maynestreet.com is the world's first best of breed digital marketing platform for WordPress websites.


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