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Maynestreet is real food, real support and real results.
Our Balancing stage resets your body to burn food as fuel and eliminate the excess. Excess weight indicates your hormone imbalance. Fix the imbalance, release the weight!
It’s easy, it’s natural, it’s real food and it is fast!

Just $237 per month

Debbie Harris
Integrative Nutritional
Health Coach
Certified Hypnotist

What is Maynestreet…

Maynestreet is your answer for adult weight loss, not by dieting, it’s biology. We have the means to adjust the hormone imbalance that control fat storage in the body. Fix the imbalance, release the weight. See the testimonials. We have clients nationally who have been successful in our weight loss and guided service business model. We will ship you our Balancing Kit and you will work with a dedicated program facilitator. You will buy your food locally. In stage two, you learn how to keep it off and live a new, better normal.

Our Balancing Program is the answer for women over 40 years of age who have stubborn weight issues. You know the story: “I eat well and I exercise and I still can’t lose weight. I can lose some then, I’m stuck!”

Our program is easy to follow and correcting the imbalance is transformational. In our experience, we see weight come out of the face and neck in the early part of the balancing stage. Digestive issue improve, blood sugar & pressure stabilize. Every woman has her own journey, but our success with women over 40 is huge!


The good news is that men drop weight fast, I MEAN REALLY FAST! Brad Murphy (6’6″) holds the record for the fastest: 40 pounds in 60 days. 30 pounds in 60 days is common for men on Maynestreet.

Belly weight comes off. It is an indicator of the imbalance. If you snore taking the weight out of your face and neck help a lot. Blood pressure commonly stabilizes, joint pain and inflammation improve. Most men report better sleep and endurance.

Clients Living Better on Maynestreet…

Our clients rave about our program because they are eating real food and the scale moves down almost every day. Plus they feel better than they have in years. We address the core problem for people who want to release stored fat and it’s all natural. No drugs, no hormones, no injections!

53 pounds lighter…

53 pounds lighter…

Good Morning, everyone! I am 53 pounds lighter. A couple more pounds to go. Took me some time but well worth it! Feeling 100 percent better, physically and mentally. I eat pretty clean. I have no desire to touch sugar or any junk. I made up my mind it is not worth it and I…

I tried several programs

I tried several programs

Ken E. August 10, 2022 “I have tried several programs in the past but none have driven the results as quickly or dramatically as the 20/30 program. More importantly I think the program has provided me with the tools and coaching to sustain the progress I’ve made by giving me the steps and confidence to…

Find a Better Quality of Life On Maynestreet

“Today is day 100 for me. I am down 42 lbs!! I feel great!
My arthritis and bad knee are so much better, I sleep better, I have energy and have lost a grand total of 36. 5 inches!!!!  It seems unbelievable but I am living this dream.  I haven’t felt hungry or deprived.” Phyllis – Connecticut

Free Weight Loss Assessment

Debbie Harris
Co-Founder Maynestreet
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Hypnotist

Are your hormones stopping you from losing weight? Let’s find out. Get a $50 coupon!


The Maynestreet Program

Getting Started: We want to understand you, please call us: 860.322.4725
We don’t use high pressure sales, we don’t need to, the program works!

Our goal is to have you go through the program once and leave with the skills and understanding to live your best life. Then tell a person you care about, someone you love that you found a new life on Maynestreet and they should too.
Our program is tailored to you and your eating lifestyle – Omni, veggie, vegan, executive…

Support is the Difference

Our goal is your long term success. In stage 1 you will have a Balancing Facilitator assigned to support you as we balance your body. With your body balanced, you will move to the Living stage and you maybe assigned a new mentor to complete your weight loss journey and begin your individual food study. Giving you guidance, accountability and support for you to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Take It Off

The Balancing Stage

In this stage, we are naturally resetting your body to enable the release of stored fat. We use all grocery store food and 5 vitamins to enrich your body for our weight loss support formula to work. The program begins with 2 “Prep Days” to prepare your body to release stored fat, during these 2 days, you can eat anything your want. Your weight loss will begin on day 3 and your daily weight release will be both swift and safe. On the third day you will begin to text your facilitator with your start weight and daily results. As your body comes to balance, fat is released in the form of energy and you will feel better than you have in years. Along with weight loss, high blood pressure, joint pain and inflammation are commonly improved.

In our experience, women commonly lose 12 to 20 pounds in this stage and men Commonly lose 16 to 20+ pounds.
*Results are based on adherence to the program.

Keep It Off

LivIng on Maynestreet – Release & Maintenance

This stage is all about you, your body and the impact of each food on you. This self discovery program is extremely insightful as you work with your Mentor to gain personal understanding and continue your weight loss success.
We use a structured approach to re-introduce all foods (“good and bad”) back into your eating plan.  You will learn to recognize food related symptoms (sensitivities, indigestion, bloating, weight gain…) to identify which foods work best for your body.
You will learn how to enjoy the foods you love and still maintain your ideal weight easily and effortlessly. You will also learn to how to dine out, attend social and family events, go on vacation, deal with holidays and much more.
Maynestreet is not about adopting our perfect lifestyle or living on a diet. It is about helping you taking it off once and mentoring you to keep it off. In this stage, weight loss goal is 10 pounds per month.

This is our exclusive community with our staff and the clients who have experienced our program. As a Maynestreet client you will be invited to join the community. We suggest that you turn the notifications off. The activity of question and answers, non-scale victories, recipes and general engagement can be a lot. But it is also a great place to find inspiration and support when you need it.

The Member Area

The member area is where you will find your program resources and guidance. This is also where our clients contribute to the greater good of all people that are part of the Maynestreet Community.

Support When You Need It

We know that human interaction and accountability is vital to your success. Today, people prefer to use technology (phone, text and Zoom) over traveling to meetings, dealing with traffic, weather and time away. Technology gives us and you the ability to communicate anytime and anywhere.

In the grocery store and have a question? Our client WhatsApp group will connect you to our nationwide community of people that have walked this journey before you. You will report your daily weight loss via text message to your facilitator who is tracking your progress. In stage 2 you will continue to text your progress and have a weekly call with your Maynestreet mentor and our monthly community meetings are done by Zoom.

“Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I’m extremely pleased and excited about stage 1 of the program. Having a severely bad back, surgery suggested, that I am no longer having to take narcotics in order to alleviate my pain. So just wanted to put that out there and perhaps give someone some hope if you suffer from back issues.” Debby – Connecticut

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